Your Mind Is Your Peaceful Warrior

I like to revisit the topic of night shift from time to time. I'd never work any other shift, yet you either tolerate it or not. You adapt to it or you don't. We night shifters have honest conversations and we solve all the problems of the nursing profession. Often we are busy but some down time is available at odd hours between three and five a.m.

This is when Truth In Nursing and In Life bubbles up from the deep unconscious mind. I did a Byron Katie "The Work" session on one of my colleagues at 3 a.m. recently. We worked on her relationship with her mother.

We were naturally sleep deprived. This made the session all the more powerful. "My mother doesn't love me.

" Is this true? "My mother betrayed me." Is this true? Can you absolutely know for sure that this is true? "Doctors hate nurses." Is this true? "Nurses hate doctors." Is this true? Relationship issues plague the nursing profession. The term horizontal hostility has been referenced to describe the way nurses treat each other, new nurses coming in, nurses on other shifts, and the very important patient assistants, whom we must never take for granted. Why all the hostility? "Nurses eat their young.

" Is this true? "Nurses are selfless care-givers." Is this true? "Nurses are co-dependents." Is this true? "No 16 year old should ever be pregnant." Is this true? "This family should not be having children.

" Is this true? Who needs God since you have your opinion? At 3 a.m. the barriers drop, opinions run rampant. My tolerance for just about everything falters.

Everyone is an idiot--except everyone in my little group, of course. But there is a solution: The one second power nap does wonders to clear my consciousness. Who needs 8 hours of sleep when the one second power nap sweeps my mind, offering a blank slate of renewal? Nurses are not permitted to sleep on night shift (or any other shift, for that matter! Is this true? Yes!!) But the one second power nap can be utilized for great benefit and relief.

It takes training and practice, You must discipline yourself. For instance, when I find myself drifting off during a conversation with a patient or anyone else, I immediately tell my subconscious mind: I am refreshed by my One Second Power Nap. Suddenly I am awake, I am there, I am refreshed. I also prop my left hand on my forehead, place a medical record on the desk, pen poised in my right hand, looking to any passerby as if I am studying a chart. At these times, I take a 3-5 minute power nap. Again, I tell my subconscious mind: I am refreshed by this 5 minute power nap.

The trick is never give in to doubt, the great enemy of the mind, by saying in essence to your subconscious mind: I'm tired, I'll never make it, this shift will never end. The subconscious mind responds to the commands you give it. Your reactions or thoughts about any situation or event in your life is in your hands, no one else's. Train your mind, not like a cruel task master, but as a benevolent and peaceful warrior, as one whose only job is to conquer what is rightfully yours--your thoughts, emotions and moods. The literature on these topics is readily available at Amazon, Border's and Barnes and Noble.

Teachers and coaches are waiting to help you. Unseen forces, the Angels and Ascended Masters are also waiting. Ask the angels: Please help me!! Then you state your desired intention.

Often "Please help Me!!" is enough to produce miracles. Your wish is their delight. Use the angels and love them.

The world is yours once you learn that you control your destiny by controlling your thoughts. The one second power nap is an example of how this works. But it works with every single wish or intention that you have. Be adventurous and love your thoughts. All of them. Then seek to weed the garden of your mind, one thought at a time.

Plant beautiful flowers there, beckon the hummingbirds and butterflies. Bask in the sunlight. Breathe in delicate floral essences. Your mind is aligned with beauty and God/ess. This is the mind who wants you to love it.

All you need is love. Love conquers all.

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=--=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Kate Loving Shenk is a writer, healer, musician and the creator of the e-book called "Transform Your Nursing Career and Discover Your Calling and Destiny." Click here to find out how to order the e-book: Check Out Kate's Blog: -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

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