You Can Read Your Neighbors Mind

Have you ever thought that you CAN read your neighbor's mind? You can. Let me tell you how. Mind reading is not the secret of the mystics or beings from another planet, (tsk tsk). Mind reading is the simple result of listening carefully to what someone says, understanding how they feel, and observing their outcomes or results.

Think backwards with me and you will understand how easy it really is to read minds. First, pick a friend or neighbor. Secretly observe them for a day or two.

Ask them regularly to describe how they feel. Take notes for a few days and observe the results. Take note of the results and outcomes in their life. Every outcome and result you experience in your world first began as a thought in your or someone's mind. Observe the results in someone's life and you can walk backward and understand their thoughts.

According to one of the undeniable laws of the universe, The Law of Attraction, you always receive back into your life what you think, feel and project to the world. It goes like this. The law states "That which you give your time, energy and attention to will be attracted to and be created in your life." Words (are joined together in our minds to produce our) Thoughts. Thoughts (are turned into) Feelings (and our feelings are expressed by our actions) which are the Results and Events (the visible outcomes of our lives). As you understand how the law of attraction works you can understand what people are thinking and most importantly for yourself you can then frame your best thoughts in order to accomplish your best results.

Have you ever known a person who seems to be able to turn everything they touch into gold? They are always successful and they always come out on the top. Are they more favored than you? Do they live on the right side of the street while you do not? No not at all. The only reason you might say things like this is to give yourself permission to play life as a victim. There are no victims in our world there is just personal responsibility. Our minds lead us to our feelings that then attract and create our results.

Remember the philosopher who said, I think therefore I am? This is exactly the truth. In the Christian scriptures in the book of Romans it says, "Be transformed by the renewing of your mind." Sound advice isn't it? Everything begins in your mind.

Mind reading is a power you do possess. It is fun to know you can read a person's mind by observing what they bring about and attract back into their life. It is very telling thing to realize that your mind is the power house for the creation of your visible reality. The only reason that people succeed, make tons of money, have great fortune, and live abundant lives is that they have fostered a mindset that always leads them in the best directions to bring about the most positive results.

So you see by this progression turned around you can read a person's mind by observing how they act and what they attract back into their lives. Simple isn't it? Yes it is. So you must be careful of what you do and the outcomes you produce because they say a great deal about what you think and feel. Also tune up your observation skills and you CAN read your neighbor's mind.

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