Who Am I Is My Real Life Real

My avatar at Second Life, Mooie Infinity, will soon be able to travel to many virtual worlds, with her identity intact. This is great news. I like Mooie Infinity. She is my alter-ego, after all, the offshoot of myself whom I send into Your Portable Empire Island to communicate about our on line businesses with friends who live all over the world.

I hear that this is a Science Fiction idea that no longer is a future fantasy. The time has come for this idea. The October 6, 2007 Sunday edition of the Washington Post had a detailed article of how Second Life is helping people with disabilities, chronic illnesses and emotional problems. A stroke patient, an autistic person and a person with agoraphobia (an abnormal fear of open space or places) were among the people highlighted in the article. Home bound people may become depressed or suicidal because of the lack of stimulation and social contact.

But Second Life has provided a venue for support and camaraderie. My favorite example describes one wheelchair bound woman who rarely leaves her home, but runs Dragon Inn nightclub at Second Life where she greets the people coming in, dances, walks and even flies. This is fun and invigorating. The mind feels a boundless sense of potential regarding the fact that anything is possible.

In her own words: "It's kind of like getting your life back back again but even better, in some ways." The stroke victim was not expected to walk again. Now she has regained the use of her legs. In her words: "It (the Second Life experience) helped me to visualize again.

" Another interviewee, an advanced Breast Cancer survivor, states: "It's not real, but it is real in a way. I might spend an afternoon trying silly wings and laughing with friends. "And laughter heals." Mooie Infinity, my Second Life Avatar, has taken on a life of her own. Yes, she is an offshoot of my own personality and in many respects, is me, but is also a probability of me, as well.

For instance, she wears a rainbow halo over her head that is large enough to encompass all of the other avatars she talks to at any given time. She wears a butterfly on her right ear. She holds a black rose in her right hand. She wears cool looking sunglasses, (I never wear sunglasses, let alone a rainbow halo or butterfly on my ear!!) When she types her messages, a Smith Corona appears on her lap as she expresses herself to those willing to pay attention. I hang out mostly at Your Portable Empire Island, although we hold our famous Master Mind meeting at a Portable Empire Island Member's cozy home every other Wednesday. On the Island and Master Mind we discuss and encourage our various projects with those gathered.

These ideas magically come to fruition much faster. The support seems to fuel these ideas, helps to keep focus and excitement about the vision we all hold for our various entrepreneurial activities. Furthermore, I watch sunsets.

sun and moon rises, sit next to fountains with the soothing sound of running water as I go about tasks around my real life house. Mooie has taken on a sage persona, I've noticed. She intercedes with wise opinion and advice.

She even has good Copy Writing ideas to contribute!!! Through Mooie, I immediately notice negative talk and doubt that impedes the flow to the realization of our fondest dreams. In my real life, I have no support for my entrepreneurial vision and activities. People at work and friends with J.O.

B.s are beaten down by what they perceive is the tightrope walk leading to the grave. With no after life, to boot.

When I first put up my web page and successfully placed my first e-book for sale there, I had no support system. I was easily overcome by doubt when someone in my real life negated my efforts. Now I am overcome by a sense of vision. I reject doubt now automatically. I now see the thought patterns leading to dysfunctional experiences in life. Second Life has healed the attitude of Can't Do to Can Do.

All my friends at Second Life understand the on line business preoccupation we all have in common, which gives all of us who show up there the courage to persevere, and continue to produce and create. This is the greatest healing of all, along with learning to walk again and dance at discos when the doctors told you you'd never walk again. We live in a boundless, infinite world.

Second Life helps us experience infinite potential in all aspects of our lives!.

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=--=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Kate Loving Shenk is a writer, healer, musician and the creator of the e-book called "Transform Your Nursing Career and Discover Your Calling and Destiny." Click here to find out how to order the e-book: Check Out Kate's Blog: -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

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