What To Do When You Run Negative Thoughts

You just wake up. Open your eyes see the wall, look at your clock and then you turn the side and try to sleep a little more. Eight hours sleeping and you have no will to get out of bad. You run negative thoughts. And now what do you do? Many people face this sort of situation. Perhaps you fought with your husband, or your woman.

Or even you have had work misunderstanding, you did not reach its goals, whatever, something put you down and allowed you run negative thoughts. Does this situation appear frequently? I am not a psychologist but my experience shows me it occurs everyday, and more than one time a day. I never have formal school classes to learn what to do with those thoughts, have you? So, the best way to fight negative thought is to produce positive one. It seams simple, but you will have some kind of work.

It is not a fight you use physical force to try to defeat another person or group of people. It does not mean to think is not a physical force. And it does not means you are fighting alone, or it is an individual fight exclusively. You will get into start fighting with your thoughts.

And it looks like you are separated of the mankind. But what you think is particularly connect on what and who you live or exist together at the same time or in the same place. Look at your church, your school, quarter and neighborhood, even at your family and try to recognize and name the exact character of your thoughts.

Or even talk to a friend and get your problems as challenger. Therefore start to ask you what should take you run negative thoughts? Make a list of those negative thoughts and their motivation. It is very important to write as much you can. Then ask yourself: is that thought possible comes to happen? What could be an against thought, or positive one? Now, with that list, you have things to choose. Yes, you will have to choose what to think.

To choose here is to decide what you want to think from a range of things or possibilities. By making choose you can show yourself that even if you feel fear doing that, take your life by your hand and do it anyway. It is the final steps. It works to me. My advice is just do it and remember you are what you think you are.

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