What Is A Marriage

A marriage is a socially, religiously, or legally recognized union, most frequently of one man and one woman. This is an agreement that two people make to spend the rest of their lives together. Although it shouldn't be.

It can also be a form of stability; security; companionship; or various combinations of these purposes. Marriage has been around for as long as we have been reading Bible verses of Adam and eve. People that get married normally do it for social recognition or because they believe it is the next step in life. They Feel like something is missing and those are the people that normally end up in a marriage they are not satisfied with. When you put so much pressure on your self to find someone, you end up settling for less.

A wedding in which a couple marry in the "eyes of the law" is called a civil marriage. Religions also facilitate weddings, in the "eyes of God". Marriage is taken so lightly these days because society has make it socially acceptable to divorce. Why not when everything is so disposable these days. What interest me is that a majority of people that get divorced really want to work things out, they just don't feel like they have the time or the energy.

This is far from the truth, you always have time to make your marriage work. Marriage is an institution which can join together people's lives in emotional and economic ways. This can be a good thing if you are able to adjust but this can also be a bad thing If you are not able to adjust. This is why people turn to counseling. Either they never quit adjusted or they have no desire to adjust. When this happens this can lead to adultery, depression or even divorce.

This is absolutely no way to live. I am a firm believer in making something work when you completely commit. Divorce can affect everyone around you including the people that care the most, your children.

Finding marriage counseling is a way of getting through the tough times. Nothing comes easy and nothing comes without a price. Giving up shouldn't be a choice. Yes, it is an option but this can lead to future failed relationships. Today over 50% of marriages end in divorce and the sad truth is that most of those relationships could have been saved with communication and hard work. is the leading marriage advice website. Marriage Counseling Advice Visit our site today and download our free ebook, "101 Marriage Secrets" to discover how to instantly improve your marriage.

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