What Are The Benefits of Controlling Your Emotions

Emotions are the language of everyone's mental and emotional state of being. They are normally tied to a person's social and physical sensory feelings. Emotions are the type of feelings used to react to fear, joy, love, sadness, hate, disgust, and pleasure. However, there are times when people need to control or suppress their emotions to prevent violence or other negative behaviors. People who do not know how to control their emotions are frequently engaged in a fight, substance abuse, or unprotected sex that can literally put their lives in danger.

This is usually caused by parental upbringing, social development, inherent nature, and biological and genetic factors. People who do not know how to control their emotions generally exhibit the following symptoms: 1. Uncontrolled, intense anger.

2. Impulsiveness in substance use, sex, driving, shoplifting, etc. 3.

Uncertainty about relationships, values, self-image, and goals. 4. Lack of self-esteem. 5. Suicidal tendencies. 6.

Chronic boredom. 7. Consistent fear of abandonment. 8. Extreme mood swings that include recurrent intense depression and anxiety.

9. Unstable personal relationships. Experts say that people who do not have power over their emotions need extensive medical attention that can help them regain control over themselves, start gaining self-confidence, and realize their self-worth.

Emotions are needed in order to live life fully. However, people need to identify their emotions and decide if they are appropriate to given situations to prevent consequences. For some people, an emotion can be strong enough to take over what the brain dictates.

It overrides logical reasoning that often results to negative emotional response and lost of inner peace. To avoid unnecessary conflicts, psychologists suggest self-talk. This helps in setting back for a while and analyzing the given situation before reacting. This process gives way in balancing logical thinking and emotional reactions. As a result, people will learn to separate feelings from reality and can effectively express thoughts that are not hurtful to anyone.

When a person knows how to manage emotions effectively, he is often described as: 1. Someone who have high emotional intelligence. 2. Someone who knows how to effectively handle conflicts. 3.

Someone who has logical reasoning. 4. Someone who has inner peace. 5. Someone who is secure and confident about himself. Becoming that person who knows how to control emotions, especially in public, is easier said than done.

However, following these simple steps can help overcome this challenge: 1. Control emotions by controlling thoughts. Negative thoughts reduce energy needed to take action. Pessimists are generally depressed and insecure people who do not know how to manage emotions, especially on stressful situations. On the other hand, positive thoughts allow people to focus on the good side to confront situations in a rational manner by not letting emotions impair their judgment.

2. Learn how to slow down anger. Anger pushes people to say or do hurtful or destructive things that cannot be unsaid or undo later on. Hold back anger by learning self-control.

Visualize possible consequences of action due to anger; this is usually enough to stop for a while and think a couple of times before saying or doing anything. 3. Maintaining a balance diet and engaging in daily exercises can also affect the ability to control emotions. These have been proven to have good effects on the way people feel. Emotions are very powerful. They largely affect the way people think and act.

They can encourage people to do good or bad things. Learning how to control them is essential to have a healthy lifestyle and inner peace.

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