Ways to Better Grades in School

Have you had one of those "Ah! I get it now!" moments recently? You know, the ones when you hear some piece of advice you've heard many times before, only this time it makes sense? I find that many parents and kids have an "Ah! I get it now!" moment when they finally understand how other students get better grades. It's not natural intelligence, better teachers in elementary school or a better seat in class. Higher grades come from following simple steps each time your child enters a class, does homework and later studies for tests. These simple steps help students get better grades, attend better schools and land better jobs when it's over. That's how powerful they are.

And once they become a habit, they will last a lifetime. Yet, parents and kids need to be reminded from time to time so that the , "Ah! I get it!" moment comes sooner rather than later. With competition for top schools and good jobs increasing each year, it's critical that parents and kids start making the change right now. Here are four changes that can make a difference immediately. Tip #1 - Learn how to organize your materials. - Sounds simple, but all great ideas are.

Notebooks for each subject, clear notes that are easy to understand later and an assignment book. Prepare like you want to be the best and you'll see an immediate improvement. The students that get the best grades are those that have what they need to study at hand. Once they finish with one subject, it's on to the next.

No wasted time. Tip #2 - Learn how to do homework - Too many kids come home and attack homework with the idea of finishing.not learning. This is a mistake.

Homework should be a time to clarify what you are learning; investigate how it ties into what you've learned so far; discover what you know and don't know. This way, you're organizing the material in your mind. You're taking the first step to absorbing what you'll need later for the test. And when that time comes, you'll be better prepared. Tip #3 - Learn to study - There are ways to study that every student should understand. Start with the most important material, classify and organize, summarize, learn to pick out important points.

And most importantly, think about the material as you go over it. Make connections with other topics you've covered. You'll begin to understand with less effort. Tip #4 - Learn how to memorize efficiently.

- In reality, if you follow the first three tips, the memorizing part is basically done. You see, true memorizing strategies don't occur the night before a test. They are part of the process of learning which, if done correctly, allow you to understand, retain and recall the information without a lot of hard work. You'll need memorizing techniques at times but solid preparation is always the first step to understanding. By combining all four of these suggestions, your child will start to see better grades almost overnight.

And the moment will come when you both sit back with smiles on your faces and say, "Ah! I get it!.".

Jim Sarris is a veteran teacher and author of two books on memorizing: Comic Mnemonics for Spanish Verbs and Memorizing Made Easy, a book/DVD that teaches kids valuable study skills that make memorizing occur naturally. No struggles, no hassles, no headaches. For a free chapter and more information, visit Better grades today and receive the first chapter free.

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