Want To Learn a Secret Meditation For The Law Of Attraction

So you are aware of the Law of Attraction. It might have worked for you in some cases. You're hooked. But how can you move to the next level? Is there a way to give a turbo charge to your power to manifest? Actually, there is! Using my private meditation, you will discover that you are able to manifest things far more clearly and rapidly than ever before.

First let's broach the topic of meditation. Meditation is frequently misunderstood. There's nothing more simple, nor more challenging for the current rat-race mind to comprehend or apply. Allow me to assist you in getting a feel for the experience.

I'm going to pull out some weirdo voodoo now, so please ready yourself. When I tell you, I need you to stop reading this article and listen very cautiously. You'll pick up something, but it will be feint! You must listen very, very cautiously - what you hear will mystify you! All right, stop reading and listen right now. Did you hear anything? Maybe so, maybe not.

That's not essential - my voodoo act was a prank. What you did have in the few moments that you spent listening intently was an absolute state of meditation. Your mind was stopped, you were wholly focused in the here and now, and you were present. Our minds are our worst enemy. They live in the past; they live in the time to come.

We remember what was, and we think about what we hope (and fear) will be. Meditation, and in fact reality, is in the present. It is in the here and now moment only.

Time is a fantasy, and the more our minds wander through the past and the future the more of the magic of reality we miss. Reality is not an unchanging, solid, predictable and measurable thing. Our minds block it off that way, but reality itself is ever shifting, ever changing, world without end.

In the meditative moment, we learn to tune into the hear and now. As a consequence, we set about knowing ourselves more deeply and will in time begin to see reality more as it truly is - a magnificent, mysterious gift! But more significantly, when we are in the meditative moment, our powers of manifestation are vastly amplified. So here's the secret meditation. You don't need to master the meditative state nor become a Zen master to perform this meditation! Merely try this for a couple of moments each day and presently you will find it's actually quite easy. First, sit in a private, quiet place.

Relax. Become aware of the sounds around you. Then become aware of the intermixing of those sounds. If you have an air conditioner and a fan in your room, you may have observed upon drifting to sleep the ways in which those two sounds merge, interfere, and change. Become mindful of the interplay of the sounds around you.

This helps to slow down the mind and bring your focus into the present. Now once you are relaxed and your mind has stopped blasting you with thoughts, you want to begin to imagine what it is that you want, as though you are in it right now. Basically, daydream! Daydream of experiencing what you desire, and you will begin feeling the good emotions of happiness, excitement, and joy. Do this as long as you are able, and then relax for another moment, be aware of your breathing for a few breaths, release, and return to your normal life. This sounds misleadingly simple, but the amount of power contained in a meditation state far surpasses the typical rat-race mind-set in which we typically attempt our manifestation visualizations.

You will realize the force of this very rapidly as the speed and accuracy of your manifestations will amaze you. And remember - keep practicing. It only gets easier the more you do it, and the benefits to your life, your aspirations, and your joy are more than worth any initial challenges! Good luck!.

To learn more about Dick Ingersoll's research and tips related to the areas of metaphysics, philosophy and spirituality, go to: Applying the Law of Attraction Library.

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