Valentines Day What is Love

Longfellow once said "Love is the root of creation". Many have tried to understand and interpret Longfellow's words. Does "love is the root of creation: means love is all about creating children? This is for sure what we hope is the creation of children; out of love, but is that the full and complete purpose of this statement? "Love is the root of creation".

I close my eyes and say these words and many images come to mind: A new bride and her husband looking into each other's eyes at their wedding ceremony - A young lady at the moment her Prince Charming proposes marriage with a sparkling diamond ring surrounded by a beautiful black velvet box in his hand - A young boy planning with his new puppy, the dog he will love for years to come - An elderly couple, married for 55 years, taking their daily walk in the park, walking hand in hand, as they have done every day of their married life - The creation is the outcome of the feelings of love felt between us, in our human experience. Love is the birthplace of the creation of our best thoughts and ideas. Love allows us the feelings of passion for what we believe in, passion for what we create.

As we celebrate Valentine's Day, we can reflect on the loves we have had in our past, the relationships we currently need to appreciate and the creations we will manifest with passion now and in our future. Any attempt to create without love and passion is a creation without heart and is doomed to fail. Lives without love and passion are doomed to exist, void of spirit and soul. Even a glimmer of light and love can bring the darkest soul to a better place. Some might feel that in these supposedly difficult times: war, two jobs to pay the bills, confusion about what we are and what we believe, we should be more focused on the serious issues of our lives.

I believe that we can influence the outcomes of the lives around us by how we react to life every day. Valentine's Day gives us the opportunity to do just that. It gives us the opportunity to say Thank You and I Love You to those most important in our lives. To stop and smell the roses as the old expression says. Longfellow was so right "Love is the root of creation". The more we focus on today and the future; to create, the better our hope becomes, the better our joy becomes, the better our happiness becomes, the better life and love becomes.

Can you make Valentine's Day a day full of love and creation? I hope so. On this day take a moment, breathe in all the love in your life, the scent of beautiful red roses and savor the taste of fabulous chocolate! Feel the passion of life this Valentine's Day and every day of your life to come.

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