Treat Nature With Respect To Avoid Destruction

I had diarrhea throughout the night. That was tough! I wonder what Nature was trying to teach me?! Probably not to eat too much of chilly! I felt better in the morning. Diana, our host in Jakarta came and picked us up at about 10.30am.

We were heading to the animal safari which is about an hour journey from Jakarta. As we were nearing the place, there were some people selling carrots for the animals. We bought some carrots from a small girl who was hardly 10 years old. It wasn't easy bargaining with her though! She was good and pretty well versed in the trade! As we are not allowed out of the car, we could only see some animals at close range. The white tigers were beautiful; up 'till now I have seen them only in pictures.

At this point, someone in our group remarked, "I wonder who is being watched now, we or the animals? Are we humans here to watch the animals, or the animals watch us humans caged up (in car)?!" Upon hearing that, we all burst out laughing. Come to think about that, when we look around us, Nature seems to be doing a fine job taking care of all animal and plant species. There seem to be chaos among the animal and plant world only when humans are around; for example deforestation, weather change, rising of global temperature, destruction of ozone layer and so on.

Nature is taking its course in correcting the damage humans are creating. Nature balances, by first causing destruction in the world of humans itself, using its primary weapons which are ether (e.g. negative thoughts), air (e.g.

airborne diseases), fire (e.g. forest fires), water (e.g. tsunamis, massive floods), and earth (e.g.

barren soil, earthquake), to do its work. The moment one species begin to cause massive damage and harm the existence of another species, it is just a matter of time before Nature does its work. Of the three Nature's primary function; creation, preservation and destruction; that which is most feared even among the wise men and women in the past is destruction! It has always been my sincere hope that, we, human beings, the highest known evolved species on earth, according to science; would recognize our mistakes and start treating Nature with much respect. Anyway, coming back to Jakarta, we headed to Diana's home. My wife and other two of our friends went for massage and shopping, while I just wanted to sleep. I was having a severe headache.

We would be catching an early flight back to Kuala Lumpur tomorrow.

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