Top Tips To Help The Process Of Moving Go Easier For Your Children

If the idea of up rooting and moving your kids and family to an entirely different school system in NYC is causing too much anxiety for your young children and family then I have some advise to help you and your family cope. Now suddenly you realize that the hard work of moving to a new community in NYC is harder than youve ever expected.

Right now youre probably at a place in this process of getting a great moving quote for the move, decided to move yourself with portable storage containers and you also arranged to have your car transported and relocated. Believe it or not in the scheme of things thats the easy part. Moving away from friends, familiar surroundings and being introduced to a new school is always a difficult situation and are probably new feelings small children arent accustomed to feeling. So how do you deal with all this?


The first thing is to not panic. The cause of stress can vary according to the age of the children.

2. Try to pay close attention to what your children have to say about the move and talk to them about their concerns, fears and issues.

3. Older children have more difficulty leaving close friends and peers and may repeatedly protest the move.


Keep to your childs daily routines as closely as possible.

Additionally, I found that if you are moving to New York City and if you have the ability to follow the moving van that is helpful to children to know that all their belongings wont be lost in the process and that their toys will be going with them. As a precautionary measure make you get proper moving insurance and liability coverage just in case there is an accident along the way.

Its helpful to small kids to keep your childs daily routines as closely as possible.

I find that this is probably the most important tip or suggestion I cam make, talk openly with your children well before the move takes place. By explaining all of the details of the move and why the move must take place helps to put the move into perspective.

Once you have arrived in your new community, visit your childs school to speak with his or her counselor about orienting your child to the new school and school programs. Advise the counselor of any special interests of the child and ask for recommended clubs or programs.

When you are at your new home have your children create a pen-pal system for your children and their special friends with addressed, pre-stamped envelopes, stickers and markers. For older children, e-mail is a great way to keep in touch.

Discuss advantages of the new location with your children according to their interests, such as nearby amusement parks, museums, and zoos. Discuss decorating ideas for your childs new room including a memory door. Compile favorite photographs from family and friends from the location you are leaving and plan to decorate a door in your childs room with the photos.

Some of these tips may be helpful to you to make the relocation process with NYC movers easier for your children and family. Get information on your new town or city, including schools and childrens programs, and discuss them with your children. If possible, take your children the around town of your new city before the move to acquaint them with their new surroundings.


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