Things To Keep in Mind When Choosing a Baby Crib

During the early stages of growth the baby spends more time in the crib. So a crib should be both safe and comfortable. It is an important decision made by the parents. Different Styles Of Cribs There is a huge array of cribs to choose from, available in the market today. There are models that can be converted in stages from a crib to toddler bed to a full sized single bed. The standard cribs are mainly of two styles.

One is the single drop side and the other a double drop side. In the single drop side, one of the sides is fixed and one side is dropped down. Whereas, the double drop side can have both the sides dropped down. The double drop side cribs are expensive but very convenient to clean and dust. Types Of Crib There are wide arrays of cribs available according to the gender and the size of the baby.

The different types of cribs that are available include the following 1 Standard baby crib 2 Designer crib 3 Canopy crib 4 Hand painted crib 5 Convertible crib 6 Corner crib and so on. Antique cribs are also available. However, it is advisable not to purchase an antique crib, though it is beautiful, as the paints used may have lead content and the decorative posts and carvings may pose a risk of entrapment. Tips to keep in mind While purchasing a baby crib check to see if the surface is smooth and splinter free. The crib railings should be high and the crib should be locked when the child is in the crib. Use the crib mattress which fits properly in the crib and there are no gaps .

The mattress should fit tightly against all four sides of the crib. Use bumper pads that encircle the crib to prevent a bump on the head. It would also look attractive and is a sort of decoration for the crib. However, it should be well maintained and frequently checked to make sure that the ties are secure. Make sure that the crib is never placed near the windows, as the drapes, blind strings may pose a risk of entanglement.

These are some of the tips that need to be kept in mind before putting the baby in the crib. Keep these things in mind when choosing a crib. 1. The distance between the crib slants should be less. 2.

Ensure that the drop sides have an easy to use and secure locking mechanism. 3. The crib mattress should fit snugly and the mattress height should be adjustable as the baby grows.

4. A crack-free teething rail should cover the top of the crib railings to prevent the child from chewing on wood. 5.

Lockable rolling caster on the legs would be a good feature when cleaning the babies room or changing the bedding. Safe And Clean Crib A crib is a safe one, when it is not a decorated crib. It is better not to use a crib that has lead paint finish and open cutouts. Avoid using decorative bumpers that has buttons and ribbon on it. It is dangerous as the baby can pullout the ribbons or swallow a loose button.

Never tie or harness the baby in a crib. The baby should never be left alone in the crib for long hours. Adjust the mattress to the lowest position as soon as the baby is able to stand-alone. Never clutter the crib with quilts, blankets, sheets and toys including soft or plastic ones. Do not put the crib near window curtains, blind cord or an electrical outlet. Clean Cribs Apart from looking for the safety features and appearance also see to that the crib is easy to dust and clean.

Crib Beddings and Cleaning Tips Take care to wash the light and dark colors separately. Use warm water for polyesters and blends and hot water for cotton. Use mild detergents. However, if the baby has allergy use the detergent that is organic and fragrant free. Before washing the blankets, inspect the care label and then follow the instructions carefully. If the label says hand wash, never put it in the washing machine.

If the baby is prone to allergy use foam pillow instead of feather ones. To clean the pillow, fill a large basin with water and add mild soap solution. Dip the pillow one small section at a time in the solution and squeeze out the solution.

Once the whole pillow is clean, rinse a few times to remove the soap. Lay the pillow in the sun to dry, turning it frequently. Once a month the slants and the railings of the crib should be wiped clean with a cloth and a mild disinfectant. Vacuum the crib frequently would help to keep the dust and the dust mites from harbouring between the crib and the mattress.

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