The Two Secrets To Achieving Massive Success

Continual self evaluation and honesty are crucial in determining where you are on your success path - from the start, right to the finish line. From experience I find that most people truly believe that they are doing far more than they really are, along the way. Look at this example about "Ed", who was a security guard at an office where I once worked. Ed was around 35 years old at the time - not the stereotypical, "semi-retired" elderly night watch man that you see portrayed in films and on television. Ed's job consisted of making sure that when people entered the building, they had the proper credentials, such as a company I.D.

or visitor's pass. In addition, his job consisted of one or two strolls through the halls in the building to ensure that the emergency exits were secure. To be honest, it was NOT a lot of activity and certainly not challenging. Ed did, however, spend a lot of time reading while at the desk.

As I recall, he probably devoured a paperback novel every other day or so. When passing the check in desk, I would always ask Ed how his day was progressing. His standard reply was "I'm pretty busy today!" At the time, several of us were working on a six-month-long project that involved long meetings, 14-hour days and flying around the country to meet with customers. Hence, my business associates and I would exchange skeptical glances at each other when Ed informed us of his work load. Perhaps Ed's goal in life was just to do what he was doing sitting at a desk reading - and for some, I guess there's nothing wrong with that at all.

However, to reach the top of any endeavor it pays to be focused, determined, confident, courageous and energetic. But for those of us who have higher aspirations and dreams are YOU REALLY doing enough on your success quest? A wise man once said that "If you want to get something done, give it to a busy, effective person." Do not look at how little you can do, but how much you can do.

In life, the busy, effective person will always be in demand, for they establish the reputation of being a "can do" person. Of course, everyone wants to do something, but there are few that will put forward the needed effort and make the necessary sacrifices to get what they want. There is only one way to accomplish anything today — set your mind to concentrate on doing it and let nothing interfere with your progress. Obstacles and challenges are quickly overcome by the man, woman or child that sets out to accomplish their heart's desire. Ask your self these questions: 1) Do I even have a plan? 2) If yes, do I have clearly defined, realistic goals to ensure that I stay on track? For example, if it is to lose weight, have I identified what I need to do and broken it down into achievable parts? 3) Have I designed in, checkpoints / evaluation points to make sure that I am "on track"? For instance, if your goal is to save money for your first new home, am I achieving the amount of savings I need? 4) Do I have a timeline to ensure that I stay on track? 5) As I evaluate my progress, am I prepared to look long and hard "in the mirror" and be honest with my progress? Am I being honest with my capabilities? Am I prepared to have a mentor or a trusted advisor constructively critique my where I am now and my direction? Taking the time to do steps 1 - 5 above will pay manifold dividends for you on your quest for success.

Be honest with your self, "look in the mirror" and make self evaluation part of your plan.

Keith A. Shaw, President of is headquartered in Mount Laurel, New Jersey, Keith is an authority on motivation, success, self improvement, qigong natural health and wellness. His books, DVDs and CDs have inspired people around the world to get more of what they want in life, by taking control of their destinies.

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