The Secret to Overcoming the Five Biggest Time Wasters of All

The time you waste will drain you of your energies and your profits in this high-charged era of work and life. Here's how to take fast action to overcome the five top ways we waste our time. TIME WASTER #1: CHECKING YOUR EMAIL FIRST Why? Checking your e-mail the very first thing in the morning takes you off track. The nature of those e-mails also may serve to increase your anxiety and stress. ACTION PLAN: Check your e-mail an hour or more AFTER you start your day to keep you on track.

At that point, you'll be well into your Action Items and can more easily prioritize those emails into your day's plan. TIME WASTER #2: KEEPING YOUR CELL PHONE ON 24/7 Why? The more often you answer your cell phone or check to see who has called during your day, the more behind you become at work. ACTION PLAN: Keep your cell phone off during the day, checking it only at a scheduled time you control, to get back your working plan.

Ditto for the weekends, so that you can truly relax. TIME WASTER #3: STAYING BUSY DOING, BUT NOT PLANNING Why? Staying busy, but not devoting time to thinking and planning, can leave you feeling disorganized and out of control, and bring your stress levels to the boiling point. ACTION PLAN: Schedule at least 5-10 minutes each day to STOP, THINK, PLAN and then EXECUTE.

When you feel overwhelmed, ask yourself, "What is the Best Use of My Time Right Now?" Write it down and then stick with your written plan. TIME WASTER #4: LEAVING NO TIME FOR EXERCISE Why? Exercise provides oxygen to you brain to help you think more clearly and more creatively. Leaving no time for exercise drains your brainpower, as well as your energies.

ACTION PLAN: Deep Breath. Exercise. Deep Breath. Stretch. Deep Breath. Take a quick walk.

Schedule time each day to exercise, and leave your cell phone off to avoid interruptions. TIME WASTER #5: WORKING AGAINST YOUR NATURAL ENERGY LEVEL Why? If you're not taking advantage of your PEAK ENERGY TIME, you are wasting time and energy. ACTION PLAN: If you're a morning person, then that's your peak energy time. If it's afternoons, then afternoon's are your peak energy time. Do those activities that require the most concentration during whichever peak energy time is your preference.

That is when you feel most energized. Do low-energy tasks at other times.

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