The Secret Language Pedophiles Use To Chat With Your Kids

In World War II, the Navajo code talkers played a pivotal role in the outcome of the war. You could be standing right next to a Navajo code talker and hear every word yet not understand the meaning at all. The way your kids chat on the internet is very much like the Navajo code talkers.

They even have their very own language, called 133t speak. What does this mean for you as a parent? Well, it's a scary thought but your child could actually be chatting with internet predators right under your nose. Even if you're watching every single word that your child types, there's a good chance that you won't understand the true meaning of what your child is saying. Sound far fetched? See if you can translate the following instant message conversation: Yowser44: I want you NIFOC Bluebaby15: Can't, CODE 9 Yowser44: Later than? Bluebaby15: I'll GNOC later.

Do you know what just happened there? Yowser44 just asked to see blue baby 19 "Naked In Front Of Computer". Bluebaby replied that she couldn't because "CODE 9" (parents are around) But bluebaby replies that she will "GNOC" later. What does that mean? It means she just promised to "Get Naked On Camera" later. In essence, Bluebaby19 just agreed to pose nude on her webcam for Yowser44. Now, if Bluebaby was your child there's a very good chance you'd never know this was going on. Even if you did everything right, even if you kept the computer in a public place.

Even if you stood over her shoulders as she typed, you'd still have no idea what was going on. And it's not your fault. Most parents can't be expected to learn a second language. Teens change their acronyms almost daily. And there are hundreds of other teen chat codes that parents do not know about. And every week there are fresh translations.

But don't fret. Because there are three simple things you can do break the code or make the code obsolete. Here are 3 things you can do to break the code: 1) Keep the lines of communication open. Make it clear to your child that anyone asking for their picture or video is NOT their friend and is going to try and hurt them. 2) Always be 100% aware of what your kids are doing online. Know what they're chatting about, know what they're emailing about and know what web sites they're visiting.

3) Consider signing up with a monitoring service that not only shows what your kids are doing online but also translates teen chat so you're not locked out. Follow these three steps and you're one step closer to becoming a fully aware parent.

Matt Marshall is the author of "Behind Your Back & Under Your Nose: What Your Kids Are Really Doing Online." He teaches concerned parents how to protect their kids from online threats. To get your free report, please visit

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