The Power That Lies Within Accountability

First off, allow me to breakdown the word POWER. Power is the ability to create explosive results that lies within people and things. Think about the power within a stick of dynamite.

There is also power within a vehicle like an automobile. When you press the pedal, the power that lies within the vehicle is ignited by the pedal. Similarly, the power that lies within the rocket ship is ignited by the fuel tanks inside of the rocket. Now, let me share with you the power that lies within the word: Accountability.

Everybody. Who? Everybody. Once again, let me repeat myself. Everybody means YOU! Everybody needs to be accountable to someone. The word accountability means the ability to be accounted for. For example, anytime somebody goes on an airplane the flight attendant does a final seat count and states that all the passengers are accounted for.

Which means they are in their seats, they are strapped in, have their seatbelt on and are ready to go to their destination. Unfortunately, 97% of people are not accountable to anyone. Being accountable to a boss is a joke.

Meaning you show up at your job, you do your job, you go home, and you get paid. We are talking about an accountability partner. Someone that truly will stretch you, care about you and make you feel uncomfortable enough to grow in order for you to fulfill and live your Why.

That is the power of accountability. You have to ask yourself 3 questions. Who am I accountable to? When am I accountable to them? How am I accountable to them? All of my top elite coaching students are accountable to me.

Check out the power that lies within Accountability. The last thing any of my students want to do is email or call me for their accountability update and say, John, I have done nothing in order to fulfill and live my Why. Now, let us parlay this into what people actually do in life that have no accountability partner. Nothing So here is what I want to ask you today.

Are you willing to stretch yourself? Are you willing to engage an accountability partner? I highly suggest you have a coach (aka mentor). Not a life coach and not a baby coach. Not someone who will say, Great job, great job.

when you are truly doing nothing. Someone that is going to stretch you, make you uncomfortable in order to become comfortable, every single day. Everyone has a real need for accountability because the power of your future lies within the word accountability. The questions you have to ask yourself are: Who am I accountable to? When am I accountable to them? How am I accountable to them? If you are not accountable, take a look at the statistics.97% of people at the age 65 are dead or dead broke.

The major reason is because they are not being accountable for anything or to anyone. I believe in you and I believe you are worth a lot more than that. I believe you have the power to be accountable.

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