The Inner Landscape The Energy of Beliefs Thoughts and Feelings

Everything in our existence vibrates with energy. All of this energy contains information, if we know how to recognize what it's conveying. While science and the laws of the universe have done well to explain the external sources and uses of energy, the internal landscape is still a largely unexplored territory.

One reason why so many people have lost touch with this powerful source of information and strength is that the way it works inside of us is still one of the great mysteries of life. To begin to unravel that mystery, let's start with how energy exists in our universe. The world around us is made up of things that we experience through the five senses: touch, smell, taste, sight, and hearing. These objects are all made of atoms, the essential building blocks of all the matter in the universe. But what are atoms made of? When you get to that level of observation, you'll see that atoms are made up of energy ' pure energy. One unit of that energy is called a quantum, and Quantum Physics is the study of how that force works to create our reality.

You cannot see, sense, or hear quantum energy. In fact, at that level, there is nothing physical for you to experience at all. Yet, everything you see in your world is made up of these invisible vibrations of energy existing in empty space. The quantum field of energy within you is invisible, even as it drives your very existence. Understanding this concept is the start of a whole new level of understanding of how you create your reality through your energetic vibration ' your inner landscape of beliefs, thoughts, and feelings.

Although science is just now revealing the principles that govern your inner energy, humans have been aware of its presence and power for millennia. All spiritual traditions acknowledge and work with this inner spiritual energy, with many names used to describe it in the human body: Chakras are energy centers; Chi is the flow of energy through meridians of the body; Kundalini refers to the energy that builds at the base of the spine and rises up in spiritual awakening; Samskara refers to the energy held in the heart; and Spirit is often used to describe this inner energy. Our thoughts, emotions, and actions control the frequency of the vibration of our energy. How is this so? Everything you think, feel, and do requires energy.

Have you ever been thinking about a list of things you need to do and suddenly your thoughts wander and you realize you can't remember what you had previously intended to do? To return your attention to the former thought takes energy. If you pay attention, you can feel the effort it takes to expend that energy. Remember a time when you felt jealous? Envious? Angry? Those feelings all take a significant amount of energy. Even pushing them away takes energy.

Feelings and the resulting energy you are expending can also change in the moment. Think back to when you were a child and your parents asked you to do a chore you didn't want to do. You might have been sullen or moping, disappointed that you couldn't go and play with your friends. Remember, too, when you were finally finished and you could do what you had planned. In a matter of seconds, you had more energy than you knew what to do with. You have an incredible amount of energy within you.

When it is available, you can take on anything and everything. It's palpable. You can actually feel it coursing through your body, like a swirl. If you focus on it and follow the flow, with practice, you can actually trace it to different centers of your physical being. This beautiful, loving energy that fills you from the depths of your being is yours from your birth to the present. There is no limit to it.

It can never be diminished. No matter your age, you can call upon it whenever you want. It never ages, never dies, never needs any nourishment from external sources. It is always with you. If you don't feel this energy within you, it's because you have somehow blocked it.

Without realizing it, you've closed your energy centers, restricting what you allow yourself to feel, shutting off the flow of light to your inner energy. That is why you don't have vitality when you are sad or depressed. The channels are closed and you will feel either an overwhelming tiredness or a huge disruption in your life ' or both.

As a result, your inner energy becomes dormant, awaiting your permission to emerge again. What you need to restore the channels and start the flow again is very simple: openness and accessibility.

Marilyn Schwader uses a unique blend of technology, e-commerce, communication, and spirituality to help her writing coaching clients create and market their work. To find more of her tips, resources, and a schedule of her webinars, teleclasses, and retreats, visit

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