The Biggest Common Myth and Misconception of Success

The number one common myth and misconception of how a person becomes wealthy and successful is that, somehow luck played some part in the process. I am here to tell you right now, do not wait for lady luck to sprinkle her magic dust across your curly locks, or before you, on the hallowed ground you walk. I'm sorry it won't happen; you will wait until the end of time.

The phrase "can the last man out, switch the light off" springs to mind. Don't rely on luck, it's a known fact that people who perceive themselves as lucky are lucky, but research has shown that the only edge they have over unlucky people is they are more observant and are constantly looking and finding opportunities. If you are constantly scanning the ground you will be lucky enough to find a penny. Luck is determined by your own efforts what you put into life you will receive back three fold. I think it was Warren Buffet, when asked how much luck played in his very successful trading career answered "It's funny the harder I work the luckier I become" and this holds true for all of us.

Winning the lottery. What about winning the lottery I hear you ask? O.K. that would be lucky, extremely lucky, as the chances of you winning the lottery are something like 14 million to 1, and the only thing is, you will spend a lot of time and money waiting for lady luck to smile on you.

If you must play the lottery there is only one lottery you want to be in and that is the one lottery you can have a chance of winning one million pounds every month and still get your stake money back, and that's Premium Bonds. Yes Premium Bonds you get the chance to win every month the odds are extremely better and you can take your money out when ever you want. Another misconception is somehow a wonderful opportunity was placed at the feet of this so call successful person. Well opportunities are there for each and every one of us. I dare say like me you have had and missed many opportunities as you have trudged the road to happiness and contentment.

The problem with opportunity is it is like the penny on the ground if we are not aware of it we miss it and somebody else picks it up. Rather than wait for opportunity to find you, you need to find opportunities. This might be watching for business opportunities in the paper regarding small businesses being sold, great real estate opportunities, and investments with stocks, bonds, or mutual funds, taking a talent and turning it into an entrepreneurial adventure. People that have reached financial status will tell you that they look for ways to seize opportunities, not wait for opportunities or lady luck to come knocking on their door. Most people expect opportunity to knock on their door, it doesn't, and if it did 99% of people will miss it, because they are glued to their TV sets or out at the pub pulling down there local entrepreneur because he has just acquired a contract to supply a Chinese catering company with thousands of chop sticks he manufactures in his garage from the wooden pallets he gets paid to take away from a local canning company.

I can hear them now "that guy is so lucky" So your future success, your wealth and happiness cannot rely on luck and you must be ready to see and take any opportunity that is presented to you.

Barry Share is the Founder and editorial director of "The New Lifestyle Programme" Where you can get your copy of the amazing..."Design for your Success" a 7 step plan to achieving wealth health and happiness =>

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