The Benefits of Keeping Your Kids Healthy

With the new age of the play station games and surfing the net; it is harder and harder for a parent to get a child to actually get some exercise; So we are living in a world of overweight children that are having a problem in finding things to do using their imaginations. The common scenario is: "Go outside to play and get some fresh air!" says mom and the comeback is, "There isn't anything to do, and I want to play my new game!" Remember some of the games you played when you were a kid; Baseball, football, hopscotch, and tag or you would make up games. So, naturally without exercise our kids are getting obese and they are losing creative ability. But, you can help to reverse the process and it will benefit you in more ways than one, here is the tip to motivating your child, teach them to clean the house, but by using games! These are just a few ideas, I am sure that after a while, and with a little pushing from you, your kids will think of other ones. Musical Chores: put on the radio, let everyone pick a chore out of the bowl, they have to work on this chore until the music stops, then everyone switches and goes to the next room. My Own Duster; give them an old sock, put it on their hand and spray with dusting wax, they each get a room assigned to them and they have to dust every piece of furniture.

The idea is that the one that gets their rag the dirtiest and that the furniture is the cleanest, gets to pick out a TV. Show for that night, or a video to watch. One Minute Cleanup; everyone gets a bag and has to pick up 5 things (number is optional) that are in the wrong place, throw them in the bag and put them in the right place.

The winner gets to pick supper for the next night. My Closet is Better; if there is anything that a child likes, it is out-doing someone else. Have them put the dirty clothes in the wash, hang up their clothes, put their shoes in the closet and have the closet look neater than anyone else's. Win a Prize; Put small little notes on things that are in the wrong place, if that item is returned to the right place, they win the prize on the note. (A candy bar, pack of gum, doesn't have to wash dishes for a night, can stay up a hour longer etc.

) Now have your kids think of some games and prizes, I am sure that they will surprise you. They have very imaginative minds when they know there is a benefit. By the way mom, your house is clean and I bet you didn't have to do much at all.

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