Terrific Tips for Parents Who Want to Teach Their Child a Second Language

You realize the benefits of having a second language but do not know where to turn or how to begin the process for your little one? You recognize the fact that your child will need to speak more than just one language in order to travel successfully through this global society of ours? Read through the following second language learning tips provided by a bilingual mom of three, educator of thousands and leading expert on the subject. Start the second language learning early! Experts agree the earlier, the better. Play language music CDs during the pregnancy. Talk to your baby from the moment of birth in two or more languages if possible. If you and your family only speak one language, begin introducing a new language with bilingual music CDs and DVDs when appropriate.

Repetition is the key for all your child's learning. Repeat! Repeat! Repeat! From birth through age 10, many experts advise using the native and the new language together in a side-by-side presentation (referred to as a bilingual format). After the age of ten to twelve, total immersion is a good option. Early in life, the bilingual approach is best for better retention and higher self esteem for the child. Find a bilingual language learning program/product for your young child that incorporates these following components: visual cues, music fun, beginning reading and verbal exchange.

Help your child enjoy the new language daily. How much is enough you ask? The following are some simple guidelines by age: Infants should receive 10 minutes of bilingual music fun each day. Toddlers should enjoy 20 minutes every day of bilingual board books, music and/or games. Preschoolers easily learn with 30 minutes of fun bilingual DVDs, games and music each day. Elementary school children should be exposed to 45 minutes of music, movement and creative bilingual learning tools daily. Make learning the new language fun! Do not ever force it.

Avoid saying comments similar to: If you do not speak to me in xyz language I will not answer you. This approach only causes tension and rebellious actions. Gently guide your child into the new language journey. Show a high level of confidence.

Smiling usually works best! If your home language is Spanish, do not agree to an immersion program of English only for your child under the age of 10. The sink or swim mentality does not work for little children. Young children need the comfort of their native language and connection to their heritage to maintain a high level of self-confidence and desire to continue speaking in their native language while learning a most difficult language at the same time. If your Spanish-speaking child is learning English, do not listen to school staff members who suggest you give up speaking your native language at home. The myth that your children will be language delayed or have a language disorder is just that - a myth.

In fact, bilingual children will ultimately speak both languages better, read sooner and score higher on math and verbal sections of standardized tests (not to mention experience better opportunities later in life). Show your child that you respect other cultures and value the ability to speak other languages by attending multi-cultural events revolving around dance, music, food and the arts of other cultures and people. Be patient! Have fun! Even if your child may not be verbalizing the new language right away, remember that repetition is the key to learning.

Your child's brain is processing the new language and is wiring it for future use. Your child is getting a strong foundation for later language learning.

Beth Butler is the creator of the BOCA BETH Language Learning Series for young children. Find out how fun and easy it can be to raise a bilingual child. Sample the BOCA BETH bilingual music and movies for free at Call toll free to 1.877.825.2622 or 1.813.244.1432.

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