Teen Halloween Costume Parties

Halloween is fun for kids of all ages, but once you are too old to participate in the trick-or-treating side of things, finding a way to don a Halloween costume can be a bit tricky. So what can parents do to help? Why not host a teen Halloween costume party? Buy a costume Before you can have a teen Halloween costume party, you will need a Halloween costume for teens. You should shop early in order to have the best selection and to find that perfect teen costume.

Look online for inspiration, and consider the things that are hot this year ? top movies, actors, current events, etc. Of course your budget and teen's tastes should also be a consideration in picking out a Halloween costume. Choose a date The first thing to do for your teen Halloween costume party is to pick a date and time for the event. Any time during October is fine, the closer to Halloween the better. If possible, choose a Friday or Saturday night so that the teen Halloween costume party doesn't interfere with getting up for school the next morning.

Some parents choose to host a teen costume party on the night of Halloween to make up for not going out trick-or-treating. The average teen Halloween costume will be about 3 hours ? that is long enough to do plenty of activities, but not so long that the teens go looking for other forms of entertainment. Invites Once you know your date and time, you will want to make sure that everyone gets the invite to your teen Halloween costume party. Depending on your style, you can mail out invitations or send out e-vites ? just make sure you know how many people are invited and how many people are coming. Of course, make sure that everyone knows that teen Halloween costumes are mandatory! Food The staple for any teenage Halloween costume party is the food. Many of your traditional favorites will work just fine, though you can give your food a "costume" of its own.

Food coloring works great to change the colors in everything from ranch tip to baked goods to pizza. Even bakeries and local restaurants will offer creepy food alternatives for your teen Halloween costume party. For drinks, canned soft drinks are the easiest, though you can come up with your own creepy Halloween punch if you would like. Decorate Another important part of your Halloween costume party for teens is to decorate.

Consider using decorations that you can reuse year after year to get the most for your money. You can even have pumpkin painting/carving contests and use those as decorations. Making costumes fun As the main theme for your Halloween party is your teen's costumes, keep this under consideration. Consider having prizes for the most creative teen Halloween costumes, scariest teen Halloween costumes, funniest teen Halloween costumes, etc. Again, you will want to make sure that everyone knows ahead of time when the party is going to be and that costumes are required in order to give them ample time to come up with a teen costume.

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