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Tag Introduction The qualities of Tag are evident but before these qualities can be addressed and discussed in more detail we must first understand the history of Tag. Tag is the shortened version of TAG Heuer and was created way back in Switzerland in 1860 by a man called Edouard Heuer. Edouard Heuer's main goal was to advance the measurement of time and in 1916 he did just that by creating the Micrograph stopwatch, accurate to 1/100th of a second. Time has moved on a long way since then, but Tag have always remained at the forefront of new innovations and in 2004 developed its time-keeping success with accuracy of 1/10,000th of a second.

Tag is therefore renowned for its accuracy and precision. Tag Qualities Tag is known for its accuracy and precision but also for its impressive design and reliability. The former is extremely important to watch buyers across the globe as the style of a watch can mean a lot to someone.

Watch buyers tend to be watch lovers and want to be proud of the watch they are wearing. They want to show off their pride and joy to the world and despite having an evolutionary watch they want it to look nice too! Reliability is again very extremely important as this can define the life of the watch, unless consumers decide they want a new one. Chances are though that having bought a Tag watch, consumers will want to showcase it for a very long time! Tag Image Functional and usability qualities aside, Tag also has a strong relationship to sport and sports personalities. This is mainly due to its accuracy and precision in time-keeping and its ability to facilitate timekeeping in sport. In the past Tag has had partnerships both the Scuderia Ferrari and McLaren Mercedes as the official timekeeper of Formula 1 and has therefore had relationships with one of Britain's great talents David Coulthard.

Although Tag no longer works with Formula anymore, it has kept up its relationship with the sport by gaining a working relationship with one of Britain's current stars Lewis Hamilton. Tag also has strong relationships with both golf legend Tiger Woods and Russian favourite Maria Sharapova. Tag Watches With accuracy, precision, design, reliability and a sports image as the core focus of Tag as a company, this translates perfectly to its collection of watches too. Consumers love to buy Tag watches as they have all the right qualities.

Designs have changed as the years have gone on but some of the top selling Tag watches today include the Aquaracer, Carrera, Formula 1, Monaco and Calibre. All these watch types have their own individual qualities and are well received by everyone who wears them. Tag Conclusion It is easy to say that Tag has a fantastic range of watches but much harder to prove it if it is not true. Tag has an understated range of high-quality watches and the fact that they have been in business for nearly 150 years says it all really.

Consumers are always delighted to buy Tag watches and are even more delighted when wearing them.

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