Sweet Sixteen Birthday Party Ideas

Candle lighting is when the young lady calls up those girls most important to her to light a candle. Usually, she writes a paragraph about each and reads it, then calls them up to the dance floor usually where a table sits with, in this case, 14 candles (one for her). The theme candle lighting to go with the party. For instance, if it's an Oscar theme, we write it like an Academy Awards show and give each person a mini film statue, etc.

And speaking of awards.a Hollywood theme as a coming out is sophisticated (they dress up and nicely, too) as well as young and fun. It's an easy theme to pull through. Themes: I tried to focus on your daughter's interests as well as the broad age group of those attending. The following might work as some possible ideas for your party. A 1950's Party- invite guests over for a sock hop themed party- poodle skirts, leather jackets, 1950's and early 1960's music (Time Life has a great collection you can order).

Be sure to serve ice cream sodas for dessert! You can also turn your back yard in to a big screen movie theater (reminiscent of a drive-in)by renting a large screen and Proxima projector from your local equipment store and show the movie "Greece" or "American Graffiti". Have stacks of blankets for your guests to sit on out in the lawn and lots of popcorn, warm pretzels, and candy, for everyone. Invitation Ideas: 16 Candles Make a Lovely Surprise! Please join us in surprising _______ as she turns Sweet 16! 1950's Style! Location (i.e. Smith's Sock Hop Central) Date, Time, RSVP Las Vegas Theme Party- Play off the "What happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas" slogan. There is a great web site to visit and download/purchase things from, Dice, chips, cards, available at your local party store (or on line) could have a lot of different items and paper plates, napkins, etc, for you to decorate with around this them.

You could go two different directions here. Some kind of casino night, like "play gambling". You can set things up several different ways. This can be researched on line by searching casino party events. The main focus is playing the games (craps, poker, black jack) and then you can have prizes for the most fruitful winners (1st, 2nd, and 3rd place).

Since your daughter likes Sinatra and classic movies, you could have a Rat Pack themed party. After the party has simmering down, those interested could stay and watch the original 1960's or the 2001 version of "Ocean's Eleven". Another thing would be if a few of the girls want to have a sleep over after the main party is over, make it a double feature and watch "Ocean's Twelve" too. Music played at the party could be from any of the original rat pack members- Sammy, Frank, or Judy Garland. Vegas Party Invitation Ideas: What happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas Shhhh.? Mums the word! ________________ turns 16! The party's almost begun So, please come and join us for some drinks, munchies, and fun! Location, Date, Time, RSVP These are pretty general, but just the same, they might help to get your creative juices flowing.

Music, food, and dress are easily matched with the following. General Themes: Mardi gras, roaring 20's, Hippies/Flower Power, Scavenger Hunt- separate guests into teams. Clues can be based upon different stages in your daughter's life. Karaoke/American Idol competition, Outdoor Movie (as described above with out the 1950's theme), Kiddy Party- some things you are never too old for.

Pull out all of the kids' favorites, egg on a spoon races, water balloon fights, pin the tail on the donkey, bobbing for apples, dropping the clothes pins in the Mason jar. Such can be fun for all ages and bring back some great childhood memories for everyone.

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