Starting Your Stay At Home Business

Having a career at home, with no rules but your own, for self development and life satisfaction has been the dream of most moms, and dads for that matter alike, for a long time. Would you want to work for a demanding, ignorant, incompetent, unsympathetic boss if you have a choice? The choice being; of staying home and earning the same or more than you would make by time, body and mind slaving in the office, store or factory for 8 to 10 hours a day? Not really? I thought so. From experience I know that starting a stay at home business can be a bit daunting for most moms and dads. A lot of people would be intimidated by the thought of not receiving their monthly paycheck and would opt to simply stay with their present job.

This would mean missing Out on the thrill of busting out of their discomfort and unhappy zones. The other, large side, of the coin is happier and far more exciting though. Go back over a hundred years ago and think of how you would of felt as one of the Wright brothers, as your paper, cloth and wood plane was lifting off of the ground for the first time for All humanity of all time. The warm summer sun is shining down on you as you lay on your chest guiding your aircraft.

The smell of the warm grassy field fills your lungs as you leave the ground. A warming comfortable summer breeze is blowing back from the noisy propeller moving so fast the human eye cannot follow it. See the Earth getting farther and farther below you. No one has ever done this before! Feel the chills in your spine and the adrenaline pumping up your excited heart as you think of all the small, go no where people who told you this was impossible because no one had ever done it before! Think of where the world would be now if everyone listened to the very little people who say it cannot be done while others are doing it as they speak their tail dragging talk. While many people would simply not pursue their dream of having a work at home business, there are a few brave souls, like you, who would take the risk of starting out. Of lifting off the Earth, for the first time, despite the little people saying convincingly that it cannot be done.

Hah! For you mom and dad people who are brave enough to pursue your dreams, your first challenge will be to find the right kind of stay at home business that is profitable, enjoyable and exciting. Do not be satisfied with anything less. Find these profitable, exciting and enjoyable stay at home businesses as a matter of ingenuity and creativity drives you. Got it? There are no hard and fast rules as to where to get your business ideas.

Although the thrilling reality is that they are constantly all around and within you at every moment of your existence. That is, right now. Many of the most creative business ideas came about through accident so you can never be too specific as to where to find them.

Though remember that they are always all around you. However, there are places like the Internet, the library and your local trade and industry office or show, which can be wonderful sources of inspiration. Once you find the right stay at home business, you need to study all its general aspects. Just because you have a stay at home business does not mean you will not have any competitors. On the contrary, you will be facing stiff, dishonest and unfair competition from fellow work at home business people and big companies with established commercial offices from day 1. It is important that you study your competitors well and learn from them.

In business, one of your best teachers is your competitors, so take advantage of their experiences and learn from them. Look at good competitors who do Not fulfill their whole service. Maybe you can pick up where they left off without competing with them with a new product they did not see when they built theirs. Before you are ready to start, clear a space in your home where you will set up your center of operations office.

Work with your family and make a plan to have them help you and make them an intricate part of your business. They are sure to help you more effectively. Give them a defined amount of prime time attention everyday as you will your business. This will inspire you to do better all the time. They will also help and follow you more this way. Stay at home businesses need designated office and time space, in your house and family life, where you can organize yourself completely.

If you have children, it is better to have a door on your designated office that you can close to keep them from snooping on your work. Let them know exactly why to get maximum cooperation. Having kids running in front of you while you work could be very stressful so make sure that you have a stay at home business area where you can work in peace.

Give them small tasks to do to help you, to get maximum cooperation from them. They will respect and love you more for the opportunity to help. It would also be a very good idea to get another telephone line, when you can afford it, which you will designate as your business phone. You can use that phone number on your business card instead of your house phone. Having a DSL line, when you can afford it, will help a lot from the beginning because you can talk to prospects, on the phone, while looking up critical information for them on your computer.

Having a business phone will make you sound and be professional and effective.

James M. Lowe writes original articles about home business opportunities.

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