Standout From The Crowd

Many of us struggle with the problem of our own shyness. This problem often keeps us from being a part of our world. We want to make a visible difference but we do not do it. In addition to shyness, we struggle with fears of rejection, low self-esteem, feelings of unworthiness and being overly self conscious.

All of these factors keep us from showing up in our world. We tell ourselves that if we could just change our weak points then we could make a difference. If only we had more money, a college degree, better looks, more experience, etc.then we could let the world know about us. Maybe there are only a couple of areas which could use some changing.

Regardless, we tell ourselves these things and then we justify reasons why we cannot or do not have them. If we continue to hide, then we are sure to lose out on all the good things life as to offer. When we do not take the risk to become more involved we are denying ourselves the opportunity to grow. This leaves us feeling afraid, immature, and mistrusting.

The longer we continue this pattern of avoidance the smaller our world becomes because we will eventually become comfortable with fewer and fewer situations. So whether we are aware of it or not, we come across opportunities to grow on a daily basis. In order to make an impact we have to get started with what we have.

Stop waiting for this, this and this to happen before we begin. Maybe we are already visible to some degree. If this is the case then we have to challenge ourselves to become even more visible.

Only the individual knows the secret to what keeps them from letting others know them. What is it that is keeping you from letting others know you? By making a visible statement we are telling others that we feel good about who we are and we are not afraid to let them know us. This challenge will require courage. Courage comes from when we are afraid to do something but we do it anyway because we know it is for our own good. This new way of presenting ourselves will get easier with time. People will know us as individuals with integrity and they will respect us for it.

Just remember, we grow as individuals when we take risks to become our best selves. Feelings of great happiness will come from our efforts because we will know that we are taking control of our personal power.

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