Stand Out in the Workplace Top Tips

Many of us have a strong desire to receive positive recognition for work that we perform. It's natural and a part of human nature. In order to receive deserved praise, however, you must first take pride in the work you do; once you are able to do that, the recognition will naturally follow. Fortunately, no matter what your occupation, everyone has the opportunity to gain positive recognition in the workplace. The following is a list of the top ten things that you can do in order to stand out in your workplace.

1.Do more than what is expected. It is so easy to say "It's not my job" when you're given a task that you don't normally perform; however, by going above and beyond your everyday duties, you are demonstrating initiative and drive. 2.Be a team player.

Don't become an annoyance by refusing to work well with others. Consider tightening up your social skills and volunteering for committees in order to gain shine in your boss's eyes. 3.Use work time effectively and responsibly. It's very tempting to surf the Internet or gab on the phone with a friend while sitting at your desk, but don't do it! You are wasting company money and time, and you risk being caught and labeled a slacker.

4.Dress the part. There's an old saying about if you want something, "you've got to dress the part" and that is definitely true in the workplace. Make sure your appearance says 'professional' and not 'loaf' in order to be regarded as a serious employee. 5.

Don't use profanity or off-color language. Using foul language or denigrating remarks can paint you as being a rude and offensive employee. A definite no-no. 6.

Don't participate in office politics or gossip. If you are engaging in gossip and other similar behavior, most likely others will come to regard you as petty and untrustworthy in the workplace. 7.Be dependable. You should always strive to meet deadlines and keep the promises you make so that others will view you as a reliable employee. 8.

Participate in meetings. Voicing your opinion and ideas says that you've got confidence and convictions. 9.Smile. Even when it's the last thing you feel like doing, still smile -- and others will smile with you. 10.

Seek opportunities to learn new skills and maintain old ones. Don't make the mistake of becoming a dinosaur; keep yourself marketable by remaining current in your profession. As you can see, standing out from the crowd and achieving positive recognition is easy for anyone with the desire to do so!.

Written by Cathy Warschaw, Director of the Warschaw Learning Institute. Offering cds, eBooks and online training for the dental and medical field. Register for our newsletter 2005

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