Smiles Giggles and Laughter

One of the greatest experiences we can have is laughter. It feels good. It is an amazing expression of happiness and pure enjoyment.

A famous quote is "Laughter is the best medicine." This statement is so true. There have been countless scientific studies about the healing effects of laughter. However, science does not need to tell you that if this wonderful release serves no other purpose, it makes you feel carefree, even if just for a moment. Smiling is a start.

A simple smile can make you physically feel in a better mood. It can also create a more open, welcoming persona for those people you encounter. Smiles are often contagious. People who do not even know why you are smiling will often reciprocate.

It can also take the place of a verbal hello as a salutation or a friendly acknowledgement of another person. A giggle or chuckle often follows a smile. Usually this response is a polite reaction to a humorous story, joke or scene.

It creates a feeling of light-heartedness, and again can be contagious without any effort. Giggling is something we notice with children at a very young age as a natural response to a positive stimulus. As adults, we tend to lose our quick response to find amusement in life. We should remember to model our life more like that of the child to live a happier life.

Finally, there is the full belly laugh that is the complete outpouring of happy emotion. The greatest release of stress; it is the laugh that is so hard and so deep you can feel a pain in your side, a cramp in your stomach, tearing eyes, and a difficulty catching your breath. Now although these "side effects" of laughter sound serious, it will certainly be the best "pain" you are ever in. This kind of laughter is best when shared with someone else. So whether it is a glowing smile or a deep laugh, allow yourself to open up to all of the wonderful gifts the world is offering to you to make you happy.

Do not worry if someone else is looking at you or judging your actions. Remember the model of the child and smile, giggle and laugh more. You will feel physically better, and will pass along this wonderful gift to someone else. Shine your light.

Funny Quotes make people a lot laugh. So laugh and always make others laugh. Enjoy your life and then everything in your life will be good. Smyles, laughing, humor is one of the most essential part of life.

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