Simple Keys To Being A Winner

When was the last time you ran into someone who said, “I do not want to succeed at anything in my life?” I don’t know of anyone who does not want to be successful. You really don’t hear people going around saying, “I want to be a failure in life!” It's quite the opposite; almost everyone truly desires to be successful in their life. Many people don’t think that they will be successful, but still, they would like to be. Those who have not yet been talked out of their dreams and goals would still like to see them come to pass in their lives. You and I both know that not everyone achieves their goals. Some do and some do not.

Some will win and some will lose; some will fail while others succeed. Why is that? Some people have a desire to do something or to be somebody. They can see where they would like their life to be. But, they never really get started on the journey.

For them it is an attitude of, “Well, that would sure be nice.” They can see where they would like to be, but they never really start down that path, and that’s as far as it goes. They choose to settle for where their life is now.

Other people get really excited about their goals and dreams, and they begin with all the enthusiasm of a champion race horse exploding out of the gates at the Kentucky Derby! But, that excitement is short lived, and very soon they end up giving up those goals and dreams. Some people roll up their sleeves and begin to work very hard and systematically, refusing to quit, and refusing to get discouraged. But sadly, they lack the pliability to make adjustments along the way. They have convinced themselves that their plans and their methods are the only way to arrive at their destination. They are wearing blinders, and because of that they miss out on great opportunities for success. For example, a person may be convinced of a certain marketing strategy and that’s what they will use exclusively, no matter what.

They are not open to investigating other avenues. They believe that if they just work hard enough and long enough and don’t quit, it will happen, eventually. Without being flexible, your margin for success becomes very, very narrow.

The times we live in are changing daily. Even our English language adds new words every week. While working hard and not quitting are admirable qualities, resistance to change can really hinder your success. Finally, some people work hard, refuse to give up, and are willing to change their plans and strategies if necessary. Their attitude is not, “I know it all and have it all figured out,” but rather, “Teach me, I want to learn.

” If you are out on a sail boat you can’t always predict the direction of the wind, but you can always determine the set of your sails. In horseracing it is not always just the fastest horse, or the horse that breaks out of the gate ahead of the rest first. There is always a strategy involved. That strategy changes from time to time depending on the circumstances. A jockey doesn’t simply go at full speed and refuse to give up.

Strategy is involved. Working hard is an admirable trait. But, working smarter can get you there much faster.

Refusing to give up is a great quality. But, being flexible in your plans and strategies, and having a desire to continue to learn will pay you big dividends. Your dreams and your goals are important because they are yours! You can cross the finish line a winner! You can succeed!.

Michael A. Verdicchio has inspirational and motivational “Pep Talks” on audio CD, at . Michael has a free newsletter called, THE PEP LETTER, at . Michael is a husband, father, minister, author, and broadcaster. He has been the voice on numerous productions over the years.

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