Sex Tips For Couples Trying To Have A Baby

Up until this point, you may have been using contraceptives during sex to avoid pregnancy. Now that you want a baby, you and your partner may be confused as to why you are not pregnant immediately upon ceacing to use contraceptives. Although thousands of people every year consult infertility experts, there are a few things you can try before throwing in the towel or calling an expert.

1. Work With Your Cycle Of Ovulation Timing is everything, and this couldn't be more true for getting pregnant. You will want to time your lovemaking activities in tune with her ovulation cycle. Most women have an ovulation cycle that lasts twenty eight to thirty days.

Their most fertile time is halfway through at fourteen or fifteen days into their cycle. 2. The Window Of 72 Hours One of the primary reasons why you might not have become pregnant is because you are having sex at the wrong time. There is only a 72 hour window of opportunity for the egg to remain fertile.

You and your partner should try to have a baby as close to the time of ovulation as possible, but if your schedule does not allow you can try to have a baby up to 72 hours before this time. 3. Tips For Getting Pregnant - Both men and women should eat protein rich foods such as meat and fish - Avoid drinking heavily - Exercise regularly - Men should avoid hot showersbaths - Men should avoid wearing tight underwear 4. Advice For Conceiving A Baby Don't try to have sex as much as possible, this will lower the sperm count and actually make it harder for the woman to become pregnant. Instead, try for a baby every - days. In particular, have sex one or two hours before ovulation so the sperm is already waiting for the egg to arrive.

When having sex, use the missionary position so gravity will help the sperm to pool along the wall of the uterus. After having sex the woman can elevate her waist and legs at a 25 degree angle for half an hour to continue this natural process. This can significantly increase your chances of getting pregnant. 5. Taking Folic Acid Is Essential If you do not get enough folic acid in your diet during pregnancy and even prior to becoming pregnant your baby could be born with horrible brain damage, spine defects, or other deformities.

Anyone who has any possibility of becoming pregnant needs to take the recommended mg of folic acid per day.

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