SelfDefense Get Acquainted With The Range of Products When Safety Is The Concern

The world today has become a nest for organized crime and self-defense is perhaps the only way to combat it. However, it is not possible for all of us to train ourselves in martial arts or apply them when necessity occurs. In fact, there are times when simple Self Defense Weapons and Security Products can do a lot over the martial arts.

Most often, however, we try finding stuff that are indeed non lethal but useful to save us the trouble. Every other day, we find women are very susceptible to attacks by eve teasers and rapists. In such a world where the crimes against women are on the rise, self-defense products are a must for every woman to carry. These weapons can, in fact, look like na´ve things but can be of considerable use when critical time comes. One of such weapons is the pepper lipstick that looks like a lipstick but has a pepper spray that can spray the pepper up to a distance of about six feet. There are also items as pepper rings and pepper pens on the list.

The pepper rings are stunningly beautiful and look gorgeous when worn. However, they have an inbuilt pepper spray in them, which makes women more self confident at times of trouble. The self-defense weapons from Own Defense are not for women alone.

They have stun batons that can leave the assailant paralyzed for some time when the trigger is pulled to let the baton out. Stun guns, paint balls, pool alarms, book and teddy bear hidden cameras are also some ideas of marvel from Own Defense. The range of home security products from the Motion alerts to the wireless home security system ensures perfect safety of your home. The wireless home security system is, undoubtedly, one of the best of its kinds.

On the detection of a motion by the sensor at the door, the alarm gets triggered and calls the first number on its list. When the call reaches you, you can set a pre-recorded voice alert in the room or choose to disarm it. In cases of no reply, the system automatically gets to dial the next number on the list. The company allows you various modes of payment including Visa, Master Card and American Express card options. They dispatch your order on the very day that they receive the order and the payment and promise you a free shipping above an order of $50, if you happen to live in the United States.

They also give you a thirty days money back guarantee. They give you a month time to check if you are completely satisfied with the product. If any dispute occurs, they promptly take back the item and refund you immediately and fully. There are no further questions as to why you did not like the product.

With the growing concern over cool-headed crimes in the society, it is highly recommended that each home and every person be protected in some way with self-defense items.

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