Responding To Your Babys Cries

Crying also helps your baby shut out sights, sounds, and other sensations that are too overwhelming, and it helps to release tension. You will quickly learn your babys different cries and will be able to tell when he or she needs to be consoled, picked up, fed, or simply left alone. Hungry cries are usually short and low-pitched while an angry cry is generally far more turbulent.

A cry of pain or distress generally comes on suddenly with a long high-pitched shriek followed by a pause and a wail. The best way to manage your babys crying is to tend to it promptly, especially during the first few months. You simply cannot spoil a young baby by giving him or her attention, and crying will be lessened if you answer his or her calls for help. When responding to crying, address the most pressing needs first. If, however, nothing is working to stop the crying, try using the following consoling techniques: Rocking, either in your arms as you gently sway back and forth, or in a rocking chair Swaddling (wrapping baby snugly in a receiving blanket) Singing or talking Gently patting or stroking his or her head, back, or chest Playing light music Carrying him or her in an infant carrier or sling Riding in the car Burping to relieve any trapped gas bubbles Warm bath Finally, dont despair if every attempt to stop the crying has failed.

Some babies cannot fall asleep without a period of crying. The crying wont last long if your baby is truly tired. If your baby is truly inconsolable, no matter what you do and hasnt fallen asleep, he or she may be ill.

Check for a fever, and if necessary dont hesitate to call your health care advisor or paediatrician. A normal healthy baby cries between one and three hours a day. Youll probably start to notice and pick out different types of crying in your baby by the time they're ten to 14 days old. Hunger, pain or boredom are different cries you might identify. Crying is meant to get your attention, and is designed to affect you so you'll be quick to go to your baby and find out whats up. Babies never cry to wind you up.

He has no idea about your needs, or how his crying might make you feel. You cat spoil a newborn. You may worry that being quick to go to your crying baby could set bad habits or spoil him. Ignore those who tell you youll make a rod for your own back if you go to him too early". The quicker you respond in the early days, the more secure hell feel.

Hell grow more confident and understand that youre around for him and that he can trust you. Of course in the end hell learn to wait, but right now he needs you to come to him straight away. Remember, the more calm that you can stay during periods of crying, the easier it will be to console your baby. Listening to a wailing baby is not easy, but dont let your frustrations turn to anger or panic. If you feel that you cannot handle the situation, get help from a family member or friend.

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