Planning A Fun Baby Shower

When planning for a baby shower, careful organization is essential for it to be a success. You have to consider a lot of things, like who will host the shower, who will be invited, where and when will the shower take place, what kind of food should be served, what type of activities and games should be planned, as well as the decorations and party favors to be used during the shower. Usually, it's someone very close to the expecting mother who hosts and plans the baby shower, perhaps, a family member, or a close friend. Sometimes the new mom is also involved in all the preparations, and has a say in everything, especially the guest list. Next to consider is, who should be invited to the baby shower? Of course, all the friends of the new mom should be present, as well as her family.

These days, it's become increasingly all right to include men in these showers, so male friends of the mother can be invited too, and of course the new dad-to-be. A party consisting of only women, might be slightly different than a party with both men and women, so the one planning the event should consider this as well. As for the venue of the shower, the best place would be at a friend's home, provided that it is convenient to the new mom and to everybody else attending the party.

It can also be held in the home of a family member. This way, if the party is held in someone else's home, the new mother wouldn't have to do the post party cleanup. If done in the new mother's own home, the advantage is that the mother won't have to go anywhere else, and she can just have her friends over to help with the cleanup.

But if planning a big party, renting a larger venue would probably be the best option. Most baby showers are held weeks before the baby is due to come out. Sometimes, the shower is held after the baby is born.

It doesn't really matter as long as both the mom and the guests agree on the date. The best days for the shower are during the weekends, preferably Saturday, because this is normally more convenient for guests who are working during the week. As for the games and food, it all depends on the party planner. There are lots of games and food ideas to choose from.

Baby shower games are great fun, and will make the party lively. For the food, it can be based on a theme, or if you don't want to bother with cooking, you can always hire a caterer. Decorations can be purchased at your local party store or even online in the Internet. Also, baby shower favors are a great way to thank your guests for coming, so it's recommended that you give out a few. All these are just a few tips to make planning a baby shower a success.

Keep these things in mind, and remember to have fun, and you'll have a memorable baby shower.

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