Picking a unique baby name

Choosing a baby name ? Read this There are times when the very obvious too gets a bit heady. Any couple with a new born child would definitely nod their head in affirmation to this. Naming the baby within a short period after its birth is only too customary.

However, this very customary task, this very obvious thing, at times becomes quite a difficult task for the couple or even the expecting moms. The name of the baby is some thing rather special. Whole world will know the baby by that very name for the rest of her/his life. No impersonifications intended; the naming of a baby is more like branding her/him for the rest Forex her/his life. Hence, it calls for something special ? something that is rather unique. There are some important considerations that we need to keep in mind while naming the baby.

One such crucial thing is the contextuality of the name. That means, it should sound well in the area that we belong to. Also, the name needs to bear a good meaning in the same land as ours. There are several cultures, dialects, etc. that are in vogue in each and every country and region.

The name we pick up should of some bearing in our own dialect as well as culture. Actually it is this element of language that at times tends to make the task of naming a baby rather complicated. It may be that a baby name sounds great in your part of the world. But the same name can sound rather awful somewhere else. Let's take resort to an example in this regard. One of the very popular names for babies in America is Bullock.

Many people opt for this name in the US and the regions nearby. However the term 'bulok' is attached to 'spoiled' in Philippines. Now, there is a difference in the way we spell the two ? 'bullock' and 'bulok'. But as we name them, there is so way we can differentiate between the two.

Gender becomes another very important element for consideration. It plays a great role in the task of naming a baby. There are several names which have a version in the opposite gender.

Most of the times, it is the male gender name that has a version in the female gender. For instance, one of the very popular and oft used baby names in Italy is Francesco. You have certainly heard or personally know at least one person with this name.

There is a female version for this Italian name as well ? Francesca. Both Francesco and Francesca mean 'the one who is free' or 'the French'. As we decide to choose a name for the baby, it is always very safe to opt for baby names that are popular and used very widely by a large section of the society. A name that is popularly being used by a large number of people in the society means it has well stood the test of time. There is a simple way to assess the popularity of a name.

Randomly think about the names that can be given to a baby. Most of the names that come instantaneously to your mind are the ones that are the most popular. However there are several people who want a unique name for their baby. In that case, a mix and match procedure can pay well.

In this case the name for the baby may be a little longer. But you are assured of getting a name that is rather unique.

simon emmett is the author of this article on Picking a Unique Baby Name. Find more information about Baby Middle Names - Why they are important here.

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