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No one can imagine the depth of happiness felt by couples gifted with a new bundle of joy. The new parents feeling a mixed of emotions on how they will go about their new roles. All efforts and time will surely be spent in nurturing and caring for their little one. Time passes by the little one grows to be a happy, bubbly and smart kid and as parents you are so proud of rearing her in the most perfect you know of.

She reaches her seventh birthday and you wanted to give her the best birthday party ever. At this time, you will need all the help you can get in preparing for the party. As a first time birthday party organizer, you may want to start thinking about how the party will go and the key to answering this is to select a theme for the party of your seven year old. Here are some interesting ideas for the theme of your child's party: - a beach or pirate-themed party; - patriotic party or the 4th of July party; - art or crayola party. Fun Ideas for your kid's birthday party 1.

Capture the moments. You can think of a creative way to capture the moments through picture-taking. Instead of you taking the pictures, why not buy some disposable cameras and let your adult guests (parents of the other kids) do the picture-taking for you to get other perspectives and to create opportunities for interaction. When opening the presents of your child, you can ask the other kids and guests to form a circle around your child to witness her opening of the gifts. Picture your child together with the giver of the gifts and make it as a thank you souvenir.

It would be best if upon the entrance of your house there are already ready frames for the guest children to decorate and put in souvenir photos of them and your kid. 2. Take home thank-you gifts.

Aside from the pictures you took, it will be best if the children will take home a bag of goodies from your child's party. They can be as creative as they can be like a bag of candies, frosted cupcakes, art materials, trinkets and accessories and others. These goodies should be strategically given before a guest child leaves the party. Never give it before or early in the party to avoid further mess or lost of items inside the bag. This will also help the child to leave the party as children are known for extended stay at parties even if the activities or the party itself is finished.

Thank you gifts will also teach your child some good manners and the habit of saying thank you for the guest's presence and gift. 3. Decorate a cake.

A good idea which not only brings down the costs of the party but also creates fun and excitement among the kids is to let them decorate their own cake. Cupcakes are ideal for this activity. You can bake chocolate or fancy flavored cupcakes and prepare different flavored and colored frosts to decorate the cupcakes or the mini cakes. To add creativity, include some fancy toppings like candy sprinklers, peanut butter chips, chocolate chips, lollipops, M & Ms, milk balls, mini cookies, rice crisipies, mini choco bars, fruits, marshmallows, raisins, cookie crumbs, peanuts and others.

4. Craft your own food. Kids can make their own pizza, create cereal necklaces, fruit kabobs and bake their own cookies. This kind of activity requires all the ingredients for the chosen food they will create so be sure all are complete.

Invitations In the preparations, it is best to include your child and give her a little responsibility. One part in the preparations where she can help is in writing and distributing the invitations. Allow her to be creative in making the invitations.

You can help facilitate her ideas. Some original ideas you can try out are: - inflated balloons where all the party information are written, seal them in an envelope with confetti; - puzzles as invitation with instructions; you can give out each piece to all invited guests and ask them to stick it into the puzzle board as they enter the party premises or you can make the invitation a puzzle and let the guests guess the message; this can be a good idea for a detective or mystery-themed party; - scribbled invitations with rubber stamps and coordinated stickers; - written invitation kept inside a bottle like a message-in-a-bottle type; this can be a very good invitation in a beach or pirate-themed party; - invitations as wrappers in chocolate bars or candies; and, - an invitation written in white crayon with an instruction of coloring the message using a dark colored crayon to help reveal the message; this can be used for a detective-themed party. Fun and games Children parties are known for fun games and activities. These help children guests to be occupied but at the same time enjoy the party and interact with the other kids. A good idea is to have a long table full of art materials and coloring book for the kids to work on. You can also ask them to make their own party hats or tossing of beach balls as a fun activity for an outdoor, beach-themed party and game of unwrapping a gift where the children is asked to form a circle and passed on a gift, once the music the stops, whoever holds the gift shall open the first layer of wrap then the music starts again until the gifts last layer of wrap be opened.

You can still think of more fun party ideas for your kid's birthday party in decorations, party themes and activities but what is important are the timeless smiles you imprint on your kid's face and her friends. Goodluck in your party organizing endeavors!.

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