Parents Turning Internet Errors Into Cash

Many parents face rising child related costs that cut into their life's plans. So, often times many have turned to working two jobs. Unfortunately, as stated before, the job market isn't all that great right now, making job searches a much more competitive event. Finding means to offset unavoidable rises in expenses becomes key to taking prper care of their children.

Finding that the types of available jobs often require heavy lifting or large amounts of walking, parents often turn to the Internet as a means of earning extra money to offset living costs. Turning to websites like, parents are earning extra money online to pay those costs that seem to appear out of nowhere in one's quest to be the best parent. Typobounty.

com allows parents to earn money by locating and reporting errors they observe on websites. Parents are paid over 2 dollars per valid error report. Errors such as misspelled words, incorrect punctuation, poor grammar, lack of clarity and many more types of errors are all up for grabs.

The Internet is full of errors, and with their life experiences, parents are well suited for spotting those types of errors. Using nothing more than their observation skills and a free hunter account, parents are able to make ends meet by using what they know.

Whether one calls it being forced into retirement, laid off, being offered a package, or just plain fired, the effects are still the same for many. The funds coming in are affected and the cost of essential items becomes more of an issue. The Internet is becoming an excellent tool for parents to supplement their incomes and afford the parental obligations. "Parenting is a very costly both in terms of time and money",. says Rachel West. "When I am able to gain the advantage in both areas with a free online tool, I can identify with that.

" An error free internet is the goal. How Much Money Is Up For Grabs? Using a popular search engine, we found that if you misspell the word "receive" as "recieve" in a popular search engine and search it. You find that the misspelled word "recieve" is found on 14,800,000 web pages.

If you make it past tense by adding "ed", you see an additional 15,300,000 web pages are found. If you add the suffix "ing" to get "recieving" you find an additional 2,990,000 web pages with that flaw. If you add the suffix "er" you are given an additional 224,000 web pages with errors. If each of the site owners were told by you of TypoBounty.

com and offered a $2.00 bounty on the errors on their website, that would total $66,628,000 that is up for grabs, for paying your bills. Just report them through TypoBounty.

com. That's just one root word. Try to imagine the number of other errors that exist online in spelling, punctuation, grammar etc. Parents using and search engines can do pretty well for themselves. Other online opportunities for parents exist but few present such a clear path for using their acquired assets more efficiently.

The author, John Reed, has 15 years business marketing experience and has had the opportunity to use and review multiple online businesses and strategies. You can read more about avoiding the money trap of music downloads at

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