Overcoming Apprehension about Attending Therapy

Sometimes, in life, things happen that can so overwhelming, that therapy may be the only way to cope with them. Other times, mental illnesses may play a factor. Whatever the reason, if therapy has become an option or a necessity, you may feel some apprehension.

This apprehension could come from thinking about sharing your personal thoughts and feelings with a stranger, even if it is a professional. It could come from not knowing what therapy entails. Moreover, the apprehension could come from the fact that you will soon be facing the reality and learning how to cope with whatever the reason is you are having to attend therapy. What you need to know is that feeling anxiety or apprehension is normal; especially if this will be the first time you have ever attended therapy. However, there are things you can do to overcome your apprehension about attending therapy. Generally, anxiety comes from the unknown, which means not knowing what will happen or not knowing exactly what something, such as therapy, is.

One of the best ways to overcome or at least lessen the apprehension you may be feeling as a person entering into therapy is what it is and what it entails. Being informed gives you the power to control your emotions, if only a little. With that said, learning general facts about therapy starts with understanding what it is. Therapy refers to counseling and/or therapy that focuses on working through any issues you may have. These issues can be needing help figuring out a direction for your life, dealing with something tragic, just needing someone to talk to in order to gain perspective, or just about anything that you may need help with.

In some cases, a mental health issue, such as depression, anxiety, or anger may be apparent, and this too would be addressed in therapy. Understanding the specifics of young adult therapy can be difficult as each therapists or center will view things differently, meaning each center can have a different approach. Moreover, your reasons for seeking therapy are uniquely yours, so there is no standard way that can help you. However, you can expect to have a choice of one or many therapy sessions, all which can vary in their length of time, depending on what you and your therapists feels is best for you. In addition, how many times you attend therapy depends on your unique needs. You will probably have a type of assessment in your first visit, meaning you will discuss why you are seeking therapy, what you hope to gain from it, etc? This is the time you and the therapists are deciding what course of actions are best for you.

Remember though, during your first few sessions, you are getting to know your therapists and visa versa. Feeling fully comfortable and confident in your surroundings will come with time and your apprehension will fade away.

Jennifer B. Baxt, LMHC, LMFT offers online audio/video counseling as well as works with children, individuals, couples, geriatric patients, depression, bipolor, anxiety and substance abuse.Jennifer B. Baxt, LMHC, LMFT offers online audio/video counseling as well as works with children, individuals, couples, geriatric patients, depression, bipolor, anxiety and substance abuse. Please contact Complete Counseling Solutions via email or visit our website for any further information.

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