Neuro Linguistic Programming is a powerful tool in assisting change

The good news is that we all have the same tools available. It is a matter of becoming more aware of our toolbox and then making choices on HOW we are going to implement the tools. Significant negative emotional experiences create beliefs that are not resourceful and cause us to focus on what we do not want. Since the mind takes whatever you focus on as an instruction to create something, this is not resourceful.

To get what you want, you have to focus on what you want and have beliefs that tell your mind to create that result. There are several kinds of internal representations you could make: 1. Visual 2. Auditory 3. Kinesthetic 4.

Gustatory 5. Olfactory 6. Auditory Digital, which is internal dialogue words and sentences you say in your head. You have a constant stream of sensory stimuli coming at you, which is filtered, and then you make a continuing stream of internal representations, which occur in sequences called strategies. And though you are aware of some of this, most of it - and I mean 99% of it- is going outside your conscious awareness, automatically, moment by moment, for your whole life.

The feelings, behaviours, and internal representations are a circular loop. Feelings and physical states help to generate behaviours and internal representations, behaviours help generate feelings and internal representations, and as we've already internal representations generated feelings and behaviours. Step outside your box is a very powerful exercise. Just try it. Picture a rectangular cardboard box, with not top on it. Picture the size just big enough for you to be able to step inside this box.

Visualize this box on the floor, while you stand erect. Now image yourself stepping inside that box, and manage yourself to stuff yourself into the box. Imagine that for no apparent reason, you've managed to live your life inside that box, thinking you had no other possibilities. Instead you only had the limitations of the past, the way people have responded to you, and the way that you have progressed or not progressed. Then look up and realize four things: 1.

There is absolutely no top on that box holding you down 2. The moment you realize what a silly joke you have played on yourself, you can stand fully erect. 3. With an easy motion you can step outside the box, kick the box away, and never again be limited by non existent rules and beliefs that you have imposed upon yourself. 4.

You have been living your life by a set of rules, which you took for granted and never questioned. One of the reasons that most people don't grow intellectually is simply because they stop asking the one question that every three-year old asks about everything: Why? In every perceived problem there is a hidden gift and an opportunity. When you start to practice on a daily basis, to monitor by which rules you are currently living your life; you can start to choose those rules which will be more current and are more in alignment with who you truly are. If you think that something outside of you is creating your experience or outcome ( rather than acknowledging that, regardless of appearances, whatever is happening is coming from something inside you) you will be unable to witness what is happening. Instead your awareness will be busy looking for something to blame.

This phenomenon is called projection and it's the kiss of death for someone who wants to develop expanded awareness and master the ability to create what they want in life. It is important in the discovery of implementing the neuro linguistic programming tools, that you commit yourself to be flexible. Remain open to the field of possibilities and be an adventurer in your journey.

Make it fun and be forgiving with yourself and others when you make mistakes. The most successful people in life they have made countless mistakes, and they have learned from them. Taking action is a very important component in the journey of change and creating the reality you desire. Information about Free Radical Therapy can be obtained in website Helena Ederveen, Clinical Nutritionist, has worked with the biochemistry analysis based upon the Free Radical Therapy for 6 years. Master Practitioner NLP.Life Style changes are required in order to influence changes in the biochemsitry

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