Music Library Finds Cool Cuts For Kids

As a writer of childrens music, I always make a mental note when I hear an artist performing a song that was not intended for kid listeners but would suit them just fine.There are lots of songs like this, but most of them are from another era, when lyrical content was less, uh, robust than it is now. Kid-friendly songs in the adult marketplace are harder to come by these days, but I scanned my iTunes library and came up with a substantial list of cool and current tunes Id be happy to spin in the nursery.

Were Going To Be Friends by the White Stripes is as good as it gets: simple, sweet, an ode to friendship with lyrics that could have been written by a six-year-old poet.

Heavenly by Harry Connick, Jr. is a swinging lullaby, performed with great retro style. Its a love song about the man in the moon (whos in love with the girl in the world) and its gorgeous. For other old-fashioned sounds check out The Puppini Sisters, who brind their inimitable charm to a new version of Jeepers Creepers, and to a cover of Sisters thats a must for multiple-girl families.

If you are looking for some inspired goofiness, try Ben Kwellers cover of Lollipop, or The Flaming Lips If I Only Had A Brain. Also, Bathtime In Clerkenwell is a bubbly nonsense song by The Real Tuesday Weld thats perfect for tiny tub-lovers with a sense of humor.
When Toots and the Maytals sing Never Grow Old, I defy you not to dance with your child. Paul McCartneys Dance Tonight might also inspire you, as will one of my all-time favorites, The Littlest Bird by the Be Good Tanyas.

If youre a dad with a daughter, play her Paul Simons declaration of love, Father and Daughter, and keep the Kleenex handy.

Or, for those moments when you are swept away with baby adoration, choose one of the great recent love anthems: Alicia Keyes No One. If youve heard it too many times, try the Curtis Lynch reggae remix, which is even better than the original.

A real morning song (for those five a.m. wakeup calls) is Sunrise by Norah Jones.

Its hard to tell if its the sun or the music that gives the nursery that glow. Another great way to start the day is to play Louis Armstrongs What A Wonderful World. My daughters kindergarten teacher played it every day when the kids arrived, setting a sweetly positive tone in the classroom.

On those occasions when a child needs a little encouragement after a bad day, song with a fabulous message wrapped in a stunning production is Pick Yourself Up as sung by Diana Krall. Its impossible to ignore her suggestion that you dust yourself off and start all over again.

So, when youre looking for music thats both kid and adult-friendly, check out some of these tunes, and search your own music library.

You will most certainly find more gems like these.


About the Author (text)Jessica Harper is a Hollywood-based actor/singer/songwriter/author whose website features musings and tips on many of life\'s pleasures and curiosities. Visit

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