Long Beach Bike and Family Festival The Extreme Vacation

Does your average vacation consist of such activities as mountain climbing, biking, skiing, parasailing, and any other extreme sports? If so, then you are the type of individual who enjoys the getaways where you create lifelong memories of heart-pounding excitement. You are what travel agents refer to as the "extreme vacationer." By this point in your life, odds are that you have done and seen virtually every extreme vacation activity possible. What is left for you then? How about a vacation that revolves around several extreme sports.

Perhaps it is time that you head down to Long Beach California for the annual Bike and Family Festival. Don't let the name fool you. Though the festival is for individuals and families alike, it is nothing short of adrenaline rushing excitement for the extreme vacationer! BMX and Skateboard Stunts This two-day extravaganza of extreme summer sporting events is a thrill to be in or even to merely watch.

It is a combination of several extreme sports and is visited by some of the more notable professionals in each category. Start your day off with a little skateboard and biking action with the BMX and Skateboard Radical Demonstrations. At this event you will see professionals doing tricks and stunts that will blow your mind! You'll see hundreds of aerial stunts where the pros are catching air every other second, doing flips, grinding rails and so much more. Family Time If you do happen to have the family with you, your first day can be fun for them too with the family fun and interactive inflatable activities.

Your children will truly have a bouncing good time with these! Day one also provides live entertainment with high energy roaring live bands. Also, if you are actually involved in one of the many bike or skater activities on this day, be sure to stop by the helmet decoration station and sport out your stylish new safety gear! Race Day! On day two, you won't want to miss the excitement of the Long Beach Shoreline Circuit Bike Race. Though you can merely watch, we would rather you sign up and actually get out there on the track. There are several categories, both men and women's, to pick from, be it amateur or advanced.

More Stunts! After you win a race or two, get back to the extreme by seeing the BMX and Stunt Riders demonstrations in the Long Beach Arena parking lot. While here, stock up on your own gear as there will be pro-level gear vendors located all around the area. Be sure to sign up for the yearly giveaways, as you might actually go home with a new bike or equipment. By now in your life, we are fairly certain that you have had enough of the same old boring and dull museums and lame activities in your vacations. Spice it up a bit and shoot for the high adrenaline at the Long Beach Bike and Family Festival!.

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