Living in Fear versus Faith Which Will Prevail

Fear is a normal part of life. Just as you might respond in surprise or anger to certain situations, other circumstances may rightly inspire fear. But when it begins to loom so large that you are stopped in your tracks, fear has become a burden to your progress and emotional outlook. Fear Undercuts Your Confidence If you lack confidence and feel insecure, fear may be at the root of the problem. Our fears can cause us to hesitate in pursuing an idea, and when we miss an opportunity, we might begin to doubt we will ever achieve or amount to anything. From there a person may go spiraling down into depression.

We start believing we can't do things instead of thinking that we can. If fear goes unchecked, always prevailing in the fear versus faith equation, it can lead to defeat and self-pity. Fear Hinders Your Success When we start asking "what if" questions, our fears can overtake us. Fear leads us to stop short of taking any risks that might lead to success. Unhealthy fear views risks as paths to pain that must be avoided at any cost. However the real misery comes later, when we wonder how successful we might have been, if only we had not allowed our fears to bar the way.

Fear Can Be Overcome The cycle of fear can and must be broken if things are going to change for the better. What we must do first is choose to find and confront our fears and decide to break free. We may need the encouragement and support of people we trust or a counselor to help us at this point.

Then we must be tackle what we have been fearing to do and begin doing it right away. Boldly stepping forward will help us regain some confidence and begin to change our habit of shrinking back or avoiding certain actions out of fear. Overcoming fear does not mean you will never experience it again.

To live productively, you don't allow your fears to control or dominate you; rather, you control your fear. Fear and regret go hand in hand. If you want to have as few regrets as possible and start living life to the full, you must determine not to let fear thwart the dreams and ambitions you have. Then you can move ahead with confidence and hope, cowering in misery no more. You have the opportunity to choose between the stifling effects of fear versus faith that is able to inspire you toward new possibilities.

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