Little Baby Big Style A Family Affair

When you walk past your hospitals nursery, you may have a hard time picking out your own little one. It is a sea of pink and blue caps, hospital t-shirts, and tightly wrapped swaddling blankets. While the hospitals choice in baby clothing may be fully functional, it does not inspire much originality.

Once you bundle baby up into the car seat to go home, however, you will be in charge of your childs fashion sense (at least until he or she becomes old enough to argue about the outfits you picked out). One trend that is becoming increasing popular is to choose styles that mimic what mom and dad are wearing.


Chances are, for the first few weeks, home traditional baby wear is going to be the easiest.

After all, you are most likely going to be sleep deprived and dealing with multiple wardrobe changes per day. Onesies and creepers are the clothing of choice for many new parents, since they are easy to get on and off and easy to wash.

If you are looking for newborn styles that mimic your own, you may be somewhat limited in the early clothing styles. The best things to look for are shirts and outfits in colors and patterns that you would wear, such as bold bright colors or camouflage print. You can also look for shirts with fun sayings and logos on them.


Once your child hits toddlerhood, childrens clothing has great variety.

You can easily start to find kids clothing that are similar in style to your own.

For boys clothing, look for clothing like dad would wear. Denim is great for all ages, and you can find boy clothing styles that look very similar to adult ones. Look for denim jackets and jeans with actual buttons, zippers, and pockets for an authentic look. Also good for boys clothing of all ages is sportswear - football and baseball jerseys are often miniaturized for kids clothing.

For girls clothing, look for clothing like mom would wear.

Track suits in girly colors are popular with all ages. You will also find that many girls styles will be tailored similar to moms wardrobe - from cute tank tops down to ruffled capris.

For both sexes, T-shirts are always a hit for all ages. Kids clothing comes in a variety of styles, often with slogans and logos designed to look similar to adult clothing.

Also look for things like denim or biker jackets to give your toddler a more adult look.

Preschool and Beyond

As your kids get older, you will find adult styles are easier and easier to find in kids clothing. Convincing your child to dress like you, however, may be a different challenge.

Nonetheless, some kids outfits will be too cute for you or your children to pass up. T-shirts are still a popular choice for all age groups, as are hoodies and denim. Any of these styles are good for both boys and girls and will come in a variety of colors and styles.

If you want something more from your kids clothing than baby bonnets and booties, looking for adult styles will allow you to find cute clothing for your tot.


About the Author (text)Tiny Treasures Baby ( is a online retailer of designer baby clothes, including baby clothes from Harley Davidson, Rebel Ink and others. Art Gib is a freelance writer.

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