Life Without Passion Sucks

What gets you going, get's your fire burning? Most of us just go through life because we have to, few of us have discovered how to create the lives of our own specific purpose and passion and live life ALL OUT to the MAX! Where do you fit in? How do you do this? Well, many ways. What do you enjoy doing, what would you love to do all day long if paying the bills were not an issue? Go ahead, it’s ok to imagine, it won’t cost you anything! I find that most of us stopped imagining so long ago because we just get so bogged down in life that we forget what it’s like to be like that child who is so care-free and imagining all the time. Ah, to be a kid again…without all the responsibilities! The trick is to get into that child-like state of all possibilities while at the same time taking care of business in our day-to-day lives. I bring this up because it is an important aspect of finding what your own passion is. This can be a process that can take some time and a lot of soul-searching, but it is absolutely worth it, because living a life with purpose and in the flow of who you really are is the joy of being alive! Getting in touch again and developing your imagination is critical.

This is a skill that we take for granted as kids, but as we age and deal with the responsibilities of life, often we become cynical, skeptical, worn-out, jaded, lose hope, etc etc…time just goes by and we wonder where our lives went. It doesn’t have to be this way, though this is how life is for most people. It comes down to how it feels inside. You can always tell how you are doing by how you are feeling.

Do you like feeling totally cynical and jaded? This is how the majority of people go through life…YUCK! Give me a fork with a cork to poke my eye out! I don’t know about you, but I like to feel GOOD! And we have control over that by the choices we make. As far as our finding our passion is concerned, the first step is to start asking. We have all seen people who are in touch with their passion and purpose. They are like bats out of hell on a mission, so full of life and energy that they exude a very attractive aura that can make you want to be a part of their mission, especially if you have not yet discovered your own. Think about this…have you ever had a mission in your life? Do you remember how alive you felt, how driven and focused you were, that no distraction could take you off your goal? Imagine if your whole life was like this? What if your life were a mission to achieve some great feat that is unique to only you, especially if that mission is to see just how extraordinary you are?? If you look deep inside you will find what you really want to do with your life.

Even if this process takes years to unfold, it is there, I guarantee. Even when you start looking, you will begin to reveal some of this passion inside, and as you shape, refine, and clarify your own unique talents, gifts, and purpose, you will also begin to uncover what a truly amazing person you really are! This is a process that never stops! Think of yourself as an artist painting and creating the picture of your own life every moment of every day. How does your picture look right now? Do you feel like your life is painting you rather than you painting your life? What I am asking is do you feel like you are at the mercy of life or you are creating your life just the way you want it? If you are like most people you fall somewhere in between. The ultimate is being so completely passionate about what you are doing and have created a perfect life for yourself, doing exactly what you want to do, and how you want to do it, on your own terms. It does take time and training to get to this point in one’s life, but it is absolutely possible! And possibility is all I need to get on the road to something. Are there obstacles along the way? Always! The real key to overcoming any obstacles in our lives is in discovering our own unique passion and purpose, because in this process any obstacle that comes our way can never overshadow us.

When was the last time you asked yourself what your passion is? Can you say it in one sentence or one paragraph? If you had to give a 30 second elevator speech about your passion and life’s purpose, what would you say? If you are like most people, it would be…”um, well…I don’t know”…If this describes you, you have some discovery to do! Or if you said, “I do this, but I’d really love to do this” then I will mention it again, because it is so important…that thing you love to do, if you didn’t have to think about money, paying the bills, etc etc…what is it? That’s where you want to begin. If you are already doing what you love, and making a living at it, all the better! Everyone and anyone can do this! What’s your passion??.

Josh Liteky is a lifestyle design consultant who assists people live extraordinary lives. You can visit his website at or email:

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