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Everyone wants to be successful in life whether in career or family. Do you all agree? I was once a lazy student in school and I often skipped my classes but one day I decided that I should stop my nonsense and achieve something great in life. This thought came so sudden that I do not know where to start from. I was really lost and I knew I need to improve on myself at that point of time, so I emailed some of my lecturers for their advice. In one of the replies, one of my lecturers mentioned that: "I strongly feel that the formula 'passion + aptitude = Success' is a winning one, and when in doubt, one is probably best off going with that." Until today this email is still in my inbox, I keep it to remind myself that in order to succeed in life I need to work for it.

I always tell myself that it is only me and myself that matters most to be able to succeed anything in life. Everything begins with you! I follow the formula my lecturer gave me and made a new one for myself. "Passion + Aptitude + Effort + Determination = SUCCESS!" As I move on I realized that how much effort you are willing to put into the things you are doing really makes a big difference. The bigger your effort the better the results however many people can't see their results because they gave up too early. When your determination kicks in, nothing is going to stop you from achieving your goals.

In my view, your effort and determination are important attributes that you need to inculcate to achieve the things that you desire. Sometimes you hear people saying that only the rich are able to achieve great results because they have the financial support. Yes! But you are only half right. You can have all the money in the world but if you attitude towards your success is wrong, you are going to fail eventually. There is a saying that goes, "In a just and generous society you don't have to be rich to achieve your potential.

" Barack OBama What I am trying to say is that don't let anyone take your dreams away. You and only you yourself knows what is best for yourself. One last point, your route to success is not going to be a smooth one. There bound to be set backs and mistakes.

Learn from your mistakes and move on with your plan. Every successful person goes through set backs and mistakes, which actually determines you from winning and losing. I hope that my article benefits you in some way.

All the best to you!.

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