Ideas for AttentionGrabbing Couples Halloween Costumes

Feel like shocking elderly relatives this year? Perhaps you do not intend on seeing your aunt and uncle at Halloween, recent trends in couples Halloween costumes have shocked crowds. It does not have to be overtly sexual (shocking doesn't necessarily mean sexual), but a little humor and surprise are always appreciated on Halloween. Here are some wacky ideas for couples Halloween costumes that'll get everyone's attention.

Crossdressing Was Never This Fun! Now here's a great idea. Instead of going as Dick and Jane, go as Jane and Dick. Cross-dressing was never this fun, and switching gender roles this Halloween should turn some heads. Maybe your great-aunt Louise won't approve of it, but young America is approving of it. Go wild! The female can wear the fake beard and mustache; the male better get ready to shave his legs. These couples Halloween costumes are definitely attention-grabbing.

Where to get these couples Halloween costumes? Look to each other for inspiration and visit online Halloween costume stores. Key To My Heart This is more of a cute couples Halloween costume than a shocking one. Have the man dress up as the key, and have the woman dress as a big, red heart. Alas, you were meant to be together! This is a definite attention-grabbing costume that'll please all hopeless romantics.

Where to get these couples Halloween costumes? Buy craft materials or visit an online Halloween costume store. Pirate Versus Ninja! Pirates hate ninjas, and ninjas are super stealthy. Revive the feud with this shocking Halloween couples costume. Have the man dress as the scurvy pirate, sharp blade in tow. The woman poses as the quick and cunning ninja, ready to rock your world with her poison-laced katana. Who will win? No one knows, but you can battle it out in Halloween squared circle.

Your attention may be on the adversary, but everyone else's eyes are on your couples Halloween costumes. Where to get these couples Halloween costumes? Most retail and online Halloween costume stores. Freddy Versus Jason Here's an attention grabber.

Dress up as Freddy Krueger and Jason for Halloween -- just leave the machete at home. Many couples think their costumes have to be about love, passion, and all that fruity nonsense, but who said you couldn't freak out a person or two? Where to get these couples Halloween costumes? Online Halloween costume stores. Tofu and Ground Meat What's better ? tofu or beef? Battle it out as the female dresses as the innocent tofu block, and the man dressed as ground meat. This is a hilarious Halloween couples costume, and for added shock, cover the meat costume in fake blood.

Where to get these couples costumes? Buy materials from an online Halloween costume store or visit a local craft store. Are you ready to try these attention-grabbing ideas? Remember, these attention-grabbing couples Halloween costumes are about creativity and fun ? and that fun should be with your spouse. Happy Halloween!.

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