Hows your love life

How is your love life affecting your work? Your love life is either a huge advantage to you, or it is your nemesis. It may be time to look at which it is to you. Love is a wonderful thing. It makes you feel so good inside and being with your loved one is sometimes all you can think of.

Love is the most powerful emotion we will have. All the other emotions come and go, but when you find your true love, it sometimes lasts forever. Love is a wonderful thing. After love, what is the next most important thing? Family, which is love, friendship, health, happiness, owning a house, being out of dept, success, being able to retire comfortably.

These are what most people would come up with, and all but friendship and health I would think would be on your list of goals. You are either looking for love, or are lucky and have found your true love. If you are looking for your love, how much time are you taking away from achieving your goals? It may be time for you to re-examine your priorities. If you are committed to your goals, are you maybe spending too much time and money looking for love? Love is a wonderful thing, but is it worth putting off on your success and reaching your goals. I know most people would like to be in a relationship with someone who is successful and can afford to do things, and buy nice things, and travel and an all around stable person, than someone struggling to pay the bills and survive. It might be a better idea to focus on those goals and be successful.

Set aside some time for your love life, but focus more time on your goals. Now if you have already found your true love, good for you. I am happy for you.

What about your goals? Are you committed and focused on them? I don't want to get in the way of true love, but sometimes love can take priority over everything else and get in the way of success. You would much rather be spending time with your spouse that working on reaching your goals. This is not a good way to think, and let me tell you why. Even though you both are as happy as can be now, it is not too early to think of the future. Your goals, remember. Don't you want to be able to give your spouse, kids, and the rest of your family security? Wouldn't it be nice to have everything taken care of for them? Don't you love them enough to want to give them everything they need, always? I don't want you to stop everything and not do anything fun with your spouse, kids, and family.

A little time management is all I am saying. You should schedule in time everyday to work on your goals. You should have a written list of daily goals.

This I do right after dinner, the least productive time of the day for me, I make a list of things I need to get done the next day. I prioritize them, and delegate out the things I can. It makes me feel good at the end of the day seeing all that I have crossed off that list.

There is always at least one thing on that list that gets me closer to my long term goal. I give myself a pat on the back, and have a feeling of accomplishment. With a list and a plan I get a lot done and still have time for a love life. I believe, you can do the same.

Love is a very powerful emotion and everybody needs it, but sometimes you have to not overdue it and tend to other things. What do you want your legacy to be? The person who accomplished everything they set out to do, or the person that sometimes remembered to take out the trash.

Author Mike True successfully motivates people to truly have a better life with motivational and educational information.

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