How To Get What You Want

We all have this notion of entitlement in life. We all want the good life and want to live with a certain level of success and comfort. If this wasn't the case then why would anybody choose to wake up at ungodly hours 5 days a week and commute during peak hour to work for eight hours in a job that you don't like only to do it all again the next day. We do it because the job gives us a paycheck which we can use to get what we want in life. Now I know that was quite general, and I'm sure there are many people happily loving their work but even those who enjoy work could hardly convince me with a straight face that if they had a choice of going to work or living out their dreams they would choose to spend a few extra hours working.

No one ever lies on their deathbed in hospital and wishes they put in extra hours for their boss or who dreams about working harder. So how do you get what you want in life. The first thing you have to do is get clarity in your life. If you ever sit in a long haul flight next time and watch the monitors that shows a picture of your plan and the destination you are going to you will realize that for much of the flight the nose of the plan isn't actually pointing at the destination you are going to. Sometimes early on in the flight it is in fact going in the wrong direction depending on the airport you are flying out of due to noise restrictions and regulated flight patterns.

But once it gets on course you will still notice it spends much of the time pointing in the general direction of the destination and it keeps making minor adjustments along the journey until your plane safely touches down at the end of the journey. This shows you how powerful getting clarity of your target is for your life. Once you are clear on what your goal or target is and you start to go in the general direction it doesn't matter if you are of track some of the time so long as you are moving closer to your goal. But if you don't know what your target is how can you know when you are off track and certainly you might not even reach your destination and could end up in a totally different place. By giving you permission to be off track some of the time and constantly adjusting and modifying your strategy to get you what you want will also give you great flexibility.

Without flexibility then your plans can become quite rigid and difficult to maintain. After all your life will constantly be changing during this time and unexpected things will always pop up when you least expect it. But because your target is clear, it will give you enough flexibility that if you do go off track you can then just adjust till you get back on the path. You need also start the journey. It's not like pilots sit there and set their flight path and then hope the plan miraculously gets them there. The pilots still need to get the plan off the ground, monitor its progress and make adjustments throughout the flight till its time for them to land the plane.

You need to do the same in your life. You need to decide its time to take off and get started on your journey. It's only once you are on the journey that you can make suitable adjustments and changes. There is no point sitting and dreaming and working out an elaborate full proof plan on getting what you want with every contingency worked out if you aren't going anywhere.

So why not get started today, decide what you want and have the conviction to decide today to get going on the journey.

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