How To Finally Turn Resolutions Into New Years Results REVEALED

Are you ready to learn how to finally turn your New Years resolutions you made over six months ago into New Years results? The key word here is new, because you want to create new results. You must analyze the last six months that has passed in the year 2006, which means do not think re-run. Do not think replay. Instead think about forging forward into the remaining six months of the Year. Think about what you want to change. What you love.

What you want to improve upon. In order to create New Year results, you must decide to analyze, develop and implement new action steps. Invest about 60 minutes of uninterrupted time analyzing the last six months of your life. Examine exactly what you did over the last 165 plus days of the year 2006 to create the results that you have now. (Be Truthful) Which of your dreams got fulfilled? Which of your goals got accomplished? Be honest with yourself. Do not worry about these results and do not complain about them either.

Just analyze them so you can determine where you are, what you have done and then, where you are going to go. Simply analyze them and understand that you are exactly where you are today because of your actions over the past year. (Take responsibility.) That is right, your actions created your results to date in 2006. Your actions turned into personal decisions that produced the results that your are experiencing.

Now, are you satisfied with your results in 2006? Are you really satisfied? If not, then how do you turn your New Years resolutions into results? You must decide today to implement NEW action steps. Now, do you love your results in 2006? Do you really love them? If not, then how do you turn your New Years resolutions into results? Revelation New actions steps will create new decisions that will finally turn resolutions into New Results! (re-read 10 times-it is worth millions to you.) Analyze what you did every day to develop these new action steps. Look at your business. How large is your business? Have you prospected enough? Have you attended enough seminars? Have you invested enough money into personal development? Are you a member of the motivational club? Have you taken advantage of all that is available for you to produce the results that you desire? Did you establish your Why? Do you DREAM? If you are not happy with your results from 2006, then just imagine where you will be at the end of 2006 if you continue to take the same actions and make the same decisions.

(Pretty much in the same place you are in now. Do you want that?) It does not matter what kind of resolutions you make if you do not develop NEW daily action steps. I challenge you to forget about those New Years Resolutions; instead, analyze the last six months results then develop and implement New Daily Actions that will lead to New Decisions and produce New Results for the remaining six months of the year 2006 (Your New Year).

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