How To Deal With Toddler Tantrum

Living with a toddler is never boring but it does require extreme patience and perseverance. Because a toddler has yet to understand reason and learn to control his emotions, tantrums often result for no apparent reason. We have seen many parents retaliating in anger at their toddlers over such tantrum episodes and it is indeed sad when anger takes over understanding and reason. Learn What Not To Expect As a parent, you need to learn what not to expect from your toddler. For instance, imagine a typical weekend whereby you have to drag your toddler along on a long list of errands before ending at the supermarket to buy the coming week's groceries. By then your toddler is tired, hungry and thirsty and in all probability, he is not going to let you shop in peace.

The problem with many parents is that they still want their toddlers to remain quiet for this one last chore although they may have been out together for the last 5 hours. As a parent, you cannot expect your toddler to give you this kind of cooperation when he has yet to develop this ability. If you insist on doing whatever it is that you think needs to be done when you have a tired toddler on your hands, you will have to be prepared for the consequences when the tantrum starts. And not many parents are able to do that resulting in sheer agony for both parent and child when such emotional meltdowns occur.

Give Little Warnings Another common incidence of a tantrum in a toddler can be seen in a toy store. Many parents let their toddlers wander into a toy store and end up having to drag them out of it screaming and kicking. You have to realize that if you allow your toddler into a toy store, you have to allocate sufficient time for him in there to satisfy his curiosity. Nobody wants to be dragged out of their favorite store before they are finished and it is only right that your toddler is extended the same courtesy. Learn to give him little warnings to prepare him to leave when it is time to go and invite him to do another activity elsewhere to gain his cooperation to go willingly. Treat him with understanding and respect and he will learn the same.

Understand Your Toddler At home, tantrums normally occur when toddlers do not get their way. For instance, if your toddler insists on a whole packet of chips just before dinner, you will have a potential tantrum on your hands. Although it is highly tempting to accede to his request at times, that is a dangerous precedent to set. Telling him no and leaving to his tantrums is equally disturbing. Therefore, it will be much better if you make an effort to know what can possibly distract your toddler from his object of desire. Understand his likes and dislikes and what can possibly pique his curiosity.

As an example, maybe a cold orange from the fridge will take his mind off the chips. Alternatively, is there a compromise that can be made that would be acceptable to both of you? Conclusion At the end of the day, you cannot prevent your toddler from having a fit each and every time. What you can do is just to minimize the occurrences through knowing your toddler and exhibiting patience and understanding. And if a tantrum does occur, it will also be your responsibility as a parent to learn how best to deal with it, whether through hugs and soothing words or by being distant and stern.

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