How Do You Set and Achieve Life Goals

Gurus tell us to get on in life you must set goals. Mark Twain said, 'I could show the whole world how to get what they want in life, trouble is very few people know what they want.' So how do you set a goal? How do you plan to reach that goal? I agree with Mark Twain but I believe that people can set goals when shown how to discover what they really want. You may say that it is OK for me to say this when I have my new seven series BMW outside my four-bed roomed detached villa, but where do you start? Where did the really successful people start from? I get a bit tired of the 'I started in a caravan with walls and roof like a colander and shoes to match, now I drive an S class Mercedes, live in a six-bed roomed house right on the beach and work 15 minutes a day' type stories. Don't these individuals ever stop to think that they may turn off more people with these stories? In my opinion they do not motivate us they simply massage the over inflated ego of the story teller. Going to a seminar can be an invigorating experience.

People leave the auditorium determined to get to grips with life. Then by Monday morning after a weekend of dealing with shopping, the kids, spending time with the in-laws, suddenly the words seem a little remote and have lost most of their meaning. A survey tells us that 98% of the population never set their goals in writing, and the 2% who do earn more than the collective efforts of the other 98%. The reason that we do not set goals could be simply down to habit? We fly by the seat of our pants, doing the best we can day by day just getting by, usually in a job we hate. These ingrained habits can be defeated. After all 2% actually do write out their goals AND reach them.

Some 'Gurus' say just write your goals on a piece of paper; put it in your pocket or a drawer and sometime in the future BINGO! You will magically achieve your goals. How easy! I, and no doubt you fancy the multi-millionaire lifestyle working 15 minutes a day from our six-bed roomed house by the beach, but that is just a dream. So what makes it so difficult for us? Habits destroy our dreams, and the only thing that can really break a habit is supreme motivation.

So how do you not only become motivated but stay motivated. In the process of setting, chasing, and achieving a goal, you change, grow, and improve your quality of life. Reach a challenging goal and you might just change your life forever.

In the process, you will gain insight into your own mind. You'll also discover ways to motivate and inspire yourself. Learning to find your own inner motivation may be the most important skill you can acquire. So, what do you need to do this? Lot's of things, actually, but it's easier than you might think.

Let me give you a clue at the expense of alienating hundreds of 'motivational speakers' do not spend your hard earned cash by attending motivational seminars in the hope of changing your life. My opinion - seminars deliver outside not inner motivation. I do not know about you but although I promised myself to follow a course of action after the seminar, a few days later, somehow life gets in the way and in a short time I could not even understand my own notes. So what made the difference to me? I was fortunate enough to meet a person who showed me HOW to set a real goal that generated enough inner motivation to make the achievement of the goal guaranteed.

Once you set a real goal, personal to you, not one that you think others would like you to achieve or one that is set by your boss, (they are not goals), you will develop the inner motivation to keep you going until you achieve success, whatever success means to you. A simple method to do all this and unlike external motivation it will sustain you until you reach your goal, no matter how many obstacles you find placed in your way you will achieve what you want to achieve. How? Inner motivation, the one thing that separates the very successful from the rest, it will place you head and shoulders above any of your competitors. I will tell you something else, you do not need to develop a hail fellow well met back slapping, happy-clappy type of personality to experience inner motivation.

The title of this article is - How do you set and achieve life goals? Simply know what you want, know when you want it by. Develop the inner motivation to get you there by using the simple technique my mentor taught me and I will teach you if you want. You do not need the whole route to your goal planned meticulously out before you, as Martin Luther King said, 'All you need do - take the first step. You do not need to see the whole staircase, just take the first step in faith.' Success is not something you become. It is something you continue being.

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