How can sheep skin help your Colic baby

Over 15 % of babies born from the ages of birth to 3 months old are bothered with colic. If the baby cries more than 3 hours a day , 3 times a week for over 3 weeks this is a good sign that the baby has colic. What is colic really? Many doctors will agree and disagree with the symptoms of colic, as no one really knows what colic is cause from. Sensitive temperament and an immature nervous system have brought attention to the health field that might be signs of colic. No one really knows the cause. Test and studies have been done to find out what causes colic in babies.

Studies such as different types of feeding. Bottle feeding versus mother breast milk did show that babies that are breast feed are more likely not to get colic. With all the test and studies doctors still are not able to prove what the cause of colic in babies are from. And have found no medication to help with the baby colic. What are other signs of colic baby? Some of the other signs of a colic baby could be: Baby will cry or seem unconformable about the same time a day and could be a couple times a day. Baby cries in late afternoon or evening Bowel pains as the stomach will feel hard and muscles in the stomach will harden.

Baby will pull their feet under them and make a clench fist with their hand. Some times gas or the stomach may rumble can be a sign of colic. Remember: colic will go away with in a few days to a couple of months If the baby is continuing to cry more than a few hours a day you should check with your doctor to find out if there might be something else wrong with baby. What can be done to help with the colic baby? Try rocking the baby and cuddling him or her. The warmth from your body can help with the colic crying. Wrap in a nice warm soft tight blanket around the baby.

A car ride might be helpful. Soft gentle music or soft sound such as a fan or clothes dryer running might be of help. Messaging the stomach soft in circles can help with the colic. A walk in the stroller if weather permits can help. Using a sheep skin rug, blanket or stroller insert will help with the colic baby. The warmth of the sheep skin and the softness will help with baby feeling secure and help with the colic babies.

Sheep skin rug, blanket or stroller insert for the baby will help absorb the sweat from baby leaving the baby dry and comfortable. The wool absorbs the moisture and released in the air allowing the baby to stay dry. When a baby has colic and if you are feeling stressed with the crying and not able to calm the baby, seek help from family and friends to help with the baby. Always remember: Colic is only temporary.

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